Tuesday, 30 April 2013

And I'm so over it

Okay, it not really a secret that I love me a movie. So on Thursday I dragged myself out and braved what I knew would be a packed cinema (I know it's no good for the industry, but I do love it when we have the theatre almost to ourselves) to see Ironman 3 on the day of release. And it was packed, heaving in fact.

The film was great and two hours flew by. Even the kid was brilliant, although in part that might have been because practically all of his scenes were with Robert Downey Jr.

So you ask, your title, what are you over?

Robert Downey Jr? No, no, no. Is that even possible? Not for me at any rate. I find him a joy to watch these days--to be honest I always have, I thought his Chaplin was brilliant--he fills the screen with his delivery and larger than life persona. I can think of nobody better suited to play Tony Stark. And Ironman isn't even my favourite role of his, that honour goes to Sherlock Holmes.

If it's not the actor, then it must be superhero films in general? After all there has been such a glut of them of late and there is no indication that they are slowing down. Hmm, let's have a quick look down my favourite films of the last few years: Sherlock Holmes (both of them), Avengers Ensemble, Thor, Green Lantern, Ironman 3, Captain America... Are you seeing a theme here? Yep I love a man in Lycra.  And as we look forward to the coming months which films are on my must-see list? The Lone Ranger and Thor 2. Even the Avengers sequel in 2015 is penciled into my diary--it'd be in pen but I don't know the exact release date. Since I first picked up a Spiderman comic I've loved superheroes, and that feeling was only cemented by watching Dean Cain & Terri Hatcher in Lois & Clark - The New Adventures of Superman. I think I'll be a comic book geek in some form or another to my dying day.

Not superheroes that I'm over then. I'll put you out of your misery.

It's 3D. Why does everything have to be in 3D? I'll confess I'm probably biased, I can't watch 3D. The images never look right to me and I find myself with a headache that verges on a migraine before half an hour has gone by. I will always go to the 2D version of the film, if I can't then I'll wait for the DVD. No way am I spending a tenner to have a sick inducing headache.

The problem with 3D as I see it, certainly in these big blockbuster films, is that it is all so predictable. Even in 2D those scenes when a 3D effect is coming are obvious. The trailer for The Lone Ranger had these moments in spades, so much so that I leant over to my companion and started a litany of 'That's 3D' to what felt like every clip. Unfortunately those moments are even more apparent in the trailers when you don't have the flow of the story to distract you from the arrow shooting toward your head, or the derailed train flying out of the screen. All fun and games for a 15 minutes film at Legoland but not for 2 hours.

These films are fast paced, full of witty dialogue, stunning special effects and action sequence after action sequence. They don't need the novelty value that 3D offers.

Hollywood, give me a crossbow and arrows or a derailed train if they are necessary for the story, not just so you can show off your clever new toy.


  1. WOW you braved the theater is right. Ngl I like it when the theater is almost empty as well. But we're braving it tomorrow and going to see it in 3D tomorrow night. I'm a mixed bag when it comes to 3D - sometimes I like it, sometimes it's a bit much. Sadly, I don't think this is a passing phase like it was in the 60's. I think 3D is here to stay - especially now that they have 3D tvs and 3D Blu Ray players - I think we're only going to be seeing more of it. In fact, I'm going to go out on a limb and say eventually the tech will get to the point where we won't need the glasses.

    Also, OMG Dean Cain and Terri Hatcher - LOVE LOVE LOVE - I have that show on DVD :D Although, I first loved her as Penny Parker on MacGyver :D She was the only reason I started watching Desperate Housewives (I stopped after like the first season b/c it was obvious she was the one that would be crapped on all the time and I hate that)

    I'm with you on the Superheroes...my fav will always be Superman :D And yes I did love Superman Returns with Brandon Routh - I thought he did an AMAZING job and I was sorry that the film didn't do better and lead to more Superman for him.

    The Lone Ranger? I haven't seen the trailer for this....

    *HUGS* HOpe all is well.

    1. Yeah, I'm sure you're right. My neighbours already have a 3D TV, although I really can't imagine them all specced up to watch.

      I have Lois & Clark on DVD too. In fact somewhere, probably on VHS I have Dean Cain appearing on a saturday morning show here called Live and Kicking, and one of the co-hosts, a very young John Barrowman. Which brings me nicely to Desperate Housewives because the only eposides I watched of that show were the ones with JB in!

      Johnny Depp's playing Tonto. Looks like PotC in the Wild West!

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  3. I can't watch 3D films or play first-person perspective games - I get waaaaay too motion sick. I thought Blair Witch Project was going to be the end of me...

  4. 3D is getting really annoying, it worked with Avatar (which was good since the story was really long and boring) but it just hasn't done anything for any other movies