Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Tangent Tuesday - Another clip

For a show that I sometimes find there are no acts I want to see once, let alone twice, this week's BGT gave me four acts I found myself wanting to share.

Sunday I shared the act that shocked and surprised me--and seriously I want that song as my ringtone--so today I thought I'd show you one of my other favourites. Which one though?

The cute?

The comic?

Or the camp?

Come on, everybody likes a bit of camp, right?

If you can find a clip with the judges comments all the better.


  1. BWWAHHHHAA oh man, camp is fun :D Cute is CUTE :D

    1. God, those boys just melted my heart. The cute ones not the camp ones. The camp ones just made me grin like a loon :D