Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Tom of Finland this is not - Tangent Tuesday

I umm'd and argh'd over whether to post this for Tangent Tuesday or Fiction Friday. After all, fiction isn't just about books. Comic strips count too...at least they do in my world.

I just wanted to share the love for my favourite comic strip on the web at the moment.

Tripping Over You

I've been reading for a couple of months but they've just gone back and posted a prologue, so now seems as good a time as any to rec it. 

Here's the link to the prologue. After that you will need to go back to the start. Alternatively you could just use the archive. You'll notice the change in drawing styles going from the more recently drawn prologue and then back to Chapter 1, but then I think it's quite interesting watching the drawing style develop.

I'm currently up to date, on Chapter 5 and eagerly awaiting each new development. Luckily posting is regular and at the moment quite frequent. 

Chapter 5 also contains the warning 'Contains Adult Themes', which should give you an indication of the heat level of this comic. Themes, not images. There is nothing that could be construed as NSFW about this comic. In fact I would consider it to be the comic version of YA fiction. 

A sweet tale of two young men discovering their sexuality, beautifully drawn. 

Which are your favourite comics with gay characters?


  1. I suck at reading comics. I even subscribe to the Buffy comics and am woefully behind on reading them.

    I think you linked me to an online comic a while back and I lost the link :(

    This looks really good though and I'm glad you're enjoying it.

    The only 'comic' I've read faithfully, was FAKE.

    1. This was the one I linked you to :D

      FAKE? Is that yaoi? I've heard mention of that before, maybe I should check it out.