Wednesday, 4 February 2015

December's favourite reads

Yes, I know it's February and I'm posting favourite reads from December. My bad, but I've had a lot on.

December’s reads were made up of Festive Holiday reads, nothing more, nothing less.

Books read: 30
5 star reads: 6
4 star reads: 10
DNFs:  2 (and another where I skimmed from 51% and should have DNF'd)

One of my notes for a book that didn't make it into any of the catagories on this list read:

Two strangers in a strange land meet on a beach at Christmas. They fuck. The End.

5 stars

Rest and Be Thankful By Joanna Chambers

Unwrapping Hank By Eli Easton

Home for Chirappu by Ariel Tachna

4 stars

Baby, It's Cold By Josh Lanyon

Waiting for Winter By LB Gregg

Out By Harper Fox

Under a New Star  By Leo d’Entremont

A Night Never Forgotten By SJD Peterson

What Father Christmas Left By Felicitas Ivey

Hummingbird House  by Kenzie Cade

Ilya and the Wolf  by Rory Ni Coileain

Saint Martin's Day by Kim Fielding

Looking at my 5 star reads I have to say I'm not surprised; these are all favourite author's of mine (with the exception of Joanna Chambers who was a 'new to me' author). The four star list is more diverse with some new names sprinkled amongst some old faithfuls.

I'll get to January's favourite reads as soon as I can.


  1. WOW that's a LOT of books read!!!! LOLL at your uncategorized summary. Bummer abt the DNF's I'd be interested in why...story? Character? Bad writing?

    May have to bookmark this and come back next December :D

    1. Too be fair most of those were short stories or novellas.

      You might have read the book with the 'uncategorized summary', it was by one of your 'go to' authors.

      I bought the entire dreamspinner advent stories when it was really cheap (something I've not done before) so I knew there would be a certain number of books that I was unlikey to enjoy for whatever reason, but mainly it was the quality of the writing that put me off finishing. I'm quite glad I did buy the whole bundle though because I there are books I wouldn't have thought to buy which I really enjoyed, Ilya and the Wolf being one of them.

      FYI, if I've marked something as read but there is no review give me a shout, I'll probably have notes as to whether I enjoyed the story or not in my private notes section of the review.

  2. That's a lot of 5-star reads for a month!!

    1. Maybe it was the generosity of the season but to be fair they are all favourite authors of mine. (And I'd been waiting to read a couple since their earlier release and had put them of until December.)