Friday, 6 November 2015

Fiction Friday

It's 8am on Friday morning so I'm a bit late putting this Fiction Friday post together and I'm recommending everything I read in the last week of October!

To round out October I finished my Favourite Five authors read-a-thon with Pricks and Pragmatism by J L Merrow. A perfectly flawed narrator and a virgin bear. What more could you ask for?
Then a break from the plan--I can be spontaneous--to read Secrets & Ink by Lou Harper. What can I say? I'm a sucker for the 'solid, gruff cop & the flighty almost-twink' trope. I guess that's why I love Josh Lanyon's work. It's a pairing type JL does to perfection.
I then spent the last few days of October embracing the witching hour by only reading paranormal. I only managed to fit two in (a shame as I managed to find about ten books on my Kindle to fit the 'plan').

The Ghost on My Couch by L A Gilbert. A low/no sex read. I shed a few tears reading this one. The man was in love with a ghost, people, I'm allowed to cry, okay.
Oleander House by Ally Blue. You'll see I'm reccing this to you even though it doesn't have a rating at Goodreads. That's because this is a series of seven books and I felt that this one ended quite abruptly and unresolved in all manner of things. However I have the next book lined up on my Kindle and I enjoyed this book despite the ending (I don't think I would have said this if I had read it when the book first came out!)

On to November. Series month. Namely finish the series I've already started month.
Started well enough by continuing a series I was reading last month, which meant more RJ Scott (yay!). The Barman & the SEAL. Book 6 in The Ellery series. I've got The Agent & the Model all lined up and ready to go.
Then Dreamspinner had to go and put the Vasquez and James series up as dollar titles and I knew I had book one on my TBR pile. But did I want to buy the entire series if I didn't like the first. Two chapters in I was loving it, so I bought the lot. It's screwed with my plan, though. So I'm currently reading Loving Luki Vasquez with the last Ellery book to follow.

Let's see if I can stick to the plan for next week *rolls eyes*.
Oh, and I've added a huge number of Christmas reads to my must have list *even bigger eyeroll*

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