Thursday, 11 August 2016

Series review for Village Love

4 'feels good' hearts for the Village Love series (so far) from Dan at Love Bytes. And 4 hearts for each individual book. Find his full review here.

I love that these stories spoke so personally to him... "The whole MRI sequence, the shoulder injury, and the mate named Smudge, all played to my personal experiences, and in the case of Smudge, got me thinking about a friend from the UK that I lost touch with more than thirty years ago."

"The tale of these two meeting and overcoming each of their fears and concerns along the way was a fun read. I really liked the men, as well as the background characters in the little village of Slopy Bottom. Dare I hope for other tales from Slopy Bottom? Only time, and the author, will tell…"

"I highly recommend the two stories I’ve reviewed here today. I guess you could read Resistance without reading Resonance first. But why would you? They are both a delight."

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Resonance is currently available at 
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