Saturday, 24 December 2016

Rainbow Snippets - 24/25th December

Rainbow Snippets is a Facebook Group that invites authors to post 6 sentences of their work each weekend. It can be from anything you like, your current WIP, a recent release, the golden oldie that even you had forgotten you had written, or just a scrap of an idea (as long as it has 6 coherent sentences). Nothing of your own work worth mentioning? How about a 6 sentence review of your favourite LGBTQ+ story.

Since Christmas is nearly upon us I think it's only fair to subject you to words from my one and only Christmas story. Grab a mince pie and settle in for another few lines from When Love Flue In. This time I'll let Reagan's mum deliver some of her pearls of wisdom. They seemed appropriate.

“The middle of the night and holidays are always the worst times to be lonely,” she said, her soft tone belying the powerful truth behind the words. “Everyone expecting you to be happy, when you’re feeling anything but.”
There was no one making any such expectations of Dominic. No one at all.
Reagan sighed heavily. Dominic wasn’t his problem. Dominic had said as much himself.