Thursday, 5 January 2017


My self published books will now be available on Payhip for those of you that don't like Amazon.

At Payhip the ebook is available in epub, mobi, and pdf. 

I get paid the moment you buy the book so there is no chance of ruthless types absconding with my royalties.

The pricing is slightly higher than Amazon but if you share your purchase on social media I'll give you a 20% discount. (I don't quite understand how the site does this so if you try it you could share the information with me at lillianfrancis (at) rocketmail (dot) com)


  1. Will your work still be available through Barnes and Noble? I love the way you build relationships and develop characters. Please write faster.

    1. Hi Anon.

      Yes, I'm still going to upload to B&N and Kobo. And of course Amazon. This site is to give people who used to shop at Are an alternative.

      Thank you. I hope to have the second book in the Village Love series, Smudge's story, out in March.