Friday, 1 June 2018

Fiction Friday says doesn't time fly

You may have noticed a change to the blog recently. I've been using it to promo other authors. Since some of these promos have included reviews I've not been as strict about Fiction Friday posting.

Nothing cryptic here. This cover perfectly
 reflects the story.
Femme by Marshall Thornton - This was fun, and funny. But also thought provoking. I adored Lionel, a fearless, femme character. And even though he acted like an arsehole on occasions, I loved Dog too.

Tied Up by the Boss (Office Kink #2) by Hunter Frost - I really enjoyed this novella. With any title like this there is the danger of it become PWP but Morgan and Parker saved it from that fate by being really enjoyable characters to read. Hunter Frost did a great job of developing the relationship and moving it forward. Hot and steamy with all the feels.

Sticks and Stones (Cray's Quarry #3) by Rachel Kane - I'd been hoping the author would write this pairing right from the very first book and this didn't disappoint. Enemies to lovers is one of my favourite tropes. Although as it turns out things are slightly more complicated than they first seem. This is probably my favourite of the series with a good plot and a great relationship.

The remaining stories were reviewed for promo purposes and thankfully I loved them. Click on the link in the mini review to see my full post.

Corked by Brigham Vaughn - The epilogue is perfect. I mean completely, wonderfully perfect.

39975947The Perfect Whore (Storm and Lightning #1) by Josephine Myles - Fun romp with a smart-mouthed ex-whore (with a soft heart) and an arrogant space captain (with emotional depths) who join forces on a mission to obtain a passcode for a psychotic criminal type. 

The Sinner and the Saint (Ellery Mountain #8) by R.J. Scott - Both men were running away from things but they met their match in Ellery. Those mountains really do have a strange power. 

Owned by the Sea by L.M. Somerton - Set in Cornwall, this book had an amazing sense of place. I yearned to be on the beach or paddling in the sea while I read.

The King's Sun (The Brass Machine #1)by Isaac Grisham - This is fantasy with kings and princes, castles and magic, and mystical beings. But as I read I also got the impression that this was our future, that the civilisation that imploded thousands of sun cycles ago was our present or something similar.

Slow Heat (Heat of Love #1) & Alpha Heat (Heat of Love #2) by Leta Blake - If you only read one MPREG book, make it this one. (Both of them). 

I hope you like all the new content at the blog, even though it's rarely about me an my writing. Let me know if there is anything more that you'd like to see.

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