Sunday, 16 December 2012


I was gobsmacked to discover that Lesson Learned has been nominated for Best Debut Novel in the m/m romance Goodreads awards. One of many I know, but still, to even make this rather long shortlist is an achievement. That I had to read the list three times just to be certain I hadn't imagined it should convey my surprise at making the list, it certainly wasn't something I expected to happen.

If you haven't yet voted and you would like to (although not necessarily for me) the link to the nominations is here You don't have to be a member of the group or even of Goodreads to vote, nor do you need to vote in every category.

Also, Lashings of Sauce, the anthology which includes one of my short stories, has been nominated for Best anthology.

Oh, happy days.


  1. OMG that's awesome!!! GAH I"m so happy for you!!! WOO HOOOOO

    GAH OMG I'm so thrilled :DDD I'm gonna go vote now.


  2. Love it. You get soooooooo excited on my behalf.

    Thanks :D

  3. I didn't want to take the survey because there were a lot I couldn't vote -books I haven't read, books I can't care less and mostly books I didn't know about-. But since you said it wasn't necessary to vote all categories, I took the time to do it (leaving out some categories aside). Of course for "Best Debut Book" I choose Lesson Learned, because it was the only book I loved from the list. <3

    1. There were a lot of categories I couldn't vote on because I hadn't read any of the books on the list.