Saturday, 1 December 2012

Just the facts, ma’am (aka, Sometimes Wikipedia does get it right)

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According to the font of all knowledge, Wikipedia…
The chimney uses the pressure difference caused by a hot column of gas to create a draught and draw air over the hot coals or wood enabling continued combustion. Chimneys may be straight or contain many changes of direction.
Strangely this is quite a fitting description for the relationship between the two main characters in my new Christmas short, When Love Flue In. It took a change of direction in Dominic’s life before he could acknowledge what he wanted. Needless to say years of lusting after a man he thought he had no right to, had taken its toll and with the change in his lifestyle, the feelings he had tried valiantly to keep under wraps finally bowed to the pressure. As ‘the oracle’ tells us, this can only lead to one thing…combustion.

copyright Lillian Francis

One of the working fireplaces in the kitchens at Hampton Court.

At this point I could insert a joke about how many sweeps it would take to fill that massive hole but I'll leave that to your own warped and twisted imaginations. Look at those scorch marks though. That fire must have been throwing out tremendous heat.

Hopefully, my story will provide you with even a fraction of that warmth.

I'll leave you to decide.

When Love Flue In is out today from Silver Publishing

Christmas, a time for friends, family and roaring fires. Unfortunately Dominic faces the festive season alone with a blocked chimney.
A soot-haired sweep, an exploding flue and an uncooked turkey. It’s an unholy trinity.
This year Christmas might be perfect.

It’s Dominic’s first Christmas since his divorce and though he’s spending it on his own he’s determined to have a traditional Christmas morning, including a roaring fire.

Which is why Reagan, a soot-haired chimney sweep, is head and shoulders up Dominic’s flue.

Unable to take his eyes off Reagan’s low slung jeans and enticing arse while he sets about the hearth with rods and brushes, Dominic knows five years is a long time to have an obsession with the man who sweeps his chimney every Christmas.

This year there’s nothing to stop Dominic from acting on his desires.

But Dominic will need to stop hiding who he really is before a special sweep can light a fire in his heart.


  1. Wait, that thing on the table... are those turkey? OwO Oh my...

    Since I loved your "Lesson Learned" and I'm eager to read "Lovers Entwined", maybe I should give Dominic and Reagan a chance too... yep, maybe I really should. :D

    1. I don't remember, I suspect they were fake wild boar or something.

      Thanks, I hope you give them a chance and I hope you enjoy Lovers Entwined too.

  2. Since I loved your "Lesson Learned" and I'm eager to read "Lovers Entwined' great blog hop!

  3. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Dominic sounds like someone I wanna read more about!

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  5. Seen your story about a few places and it sounds good!

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    1. Thanks. Hope you enjoy it if you decide to take a chance and buy it.

  6. Thanks for sharing, sounds like something I might like :)

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  8. Soot haired chimney sweep? Yeah, count me in please. Thanks!

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  10. Count me in please. I have added so many books to my wishlist that I'm afraid it will explode any minute.

  11. Oh, that one on the picture looks nothing like the men that came to sweep mine! They were more like Reagan, T-shirt and Jeans and no hat. Sounds very interesting. Looking forward to reading it.
    Happy Holidays to you and your family!


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