Tuesday, 12 February 2013

A little rant

Today I'm blogging over at RJ Scott's blog.

Well, blogging might be a generous description of the mini tirade that I ended up writing.

Go, read. See what got me all riled up.

In other news, I plan to blog more. Yes I know I've said this before but I this time I really intend to carry out my threat to bore you all silly.


  1. So, you don't like American pancakes huh??? *cries* How can you NOT like American pancakes? They are like the best thing since puppies and rainbows... *sigh*. I know, you like CREPES better ;p Yes, that's what WE call them, CREPES :D

    And just FYI I do my pancakes in a frying pan b/c I don't have a griddle LOL.

    Now, you know all this was said in jest right? Because srsly? I KNOW what it's like to want food you grew up with. I miss my grandmother's Chicken and Dumplings like NOBODY'S BUSINESS.

    Thanks for all the background info on Shrove Tuesday I had no idea there was that much history in it. That was cool to read that.

    And LOVE LOVE LOVE the excerpt :D

    1. Yeah, I know you guys call them crepes. I actually have an American pancake cookbook with all manner of pancakes, crepes and fritters in it. And I do love American pancakes, especially with maple syrup, butter and bacon. It's not the item of food I had the issue with per se, it was that a store in England was incapable of using the correct style of pancake to advertise Shrove Tuesday!

      Dude, I have a griddle and have been known to whip up a batch of fat, fluffy pancakes for manboy's breakfast.

      I miss my grandad's Picalilli, unfortunately he took the recipe to the grave :(

      And that's just in the UK, there are similar traditions all over the world and most involve eating. No wonder I prefer this holiday over Valentine's Day!

      Ta :D