Friday, 15 February 2013

My plans to bore you shitless & an update

Earlier in the week, I hinted that I intended to blog more. That is my plan, whether I will manage to stick to it is another matter. My idea is to blog once a week, either on a Friday, cleverly titled Fiction Friday--and shamelessly stolen from my best friend, Katherine Halle--or on a Tuesday, Tangent Tuesday to be precise.

Pretty self explanatory titles. Fiction Friday will be about books and writing, m/m naturally, but I'm going to try not to focus on my own work and what's happening, or not (I write very slowly) with me. Instead I plan to talk about other fiction based things. And Tangent Tuesday, well, that could be about anything, even a rant about pancakes.

I'm impressed that I have 'a plan' but how long I'll manage to keep to it for is anyone's guess. Right now, between projects, I'm eager to do this and do it well, but I have a tendancy to get buried in a new book and forget about life outside the page I'm writing on.

We'll see.

So, today is Friday, which means I'm talking about Fiction. Having said earlier that I'm not going to talk about my own work too often I'm going to break that rule straight away and today's post will be a quick update.

Having been working on it for months--seriously, I not kidding. The short story this novel developed from was written back in April last year--I have finally finished Theory Unproven. It's been read, pre-read, corrected, re-written, re-read, summarised for the synopsis, bundled up in a tidy bow and sent out to publishers. One publisher actually, set my sights high and if they fail, then flood the market at a later date. There is another publisher I'm considering sending it to as well, but it's finding the time to change the formating.

Next I intend to return to the WW2 story I had proposed to submit for Riptide's submission call but epically failed in reading the submission dates correctly. *facepalm* Probably start working on that again sometime next week.

I'll leave you with the tag line for Theory Unproven. (I'd give you a blurb but I haven't got that far!)

Unless you give it a chance, love will always be a theory unproven.


  1. Awww *smishes you hard* I'm really happy you're doing this :D

    We will bolster each other along :D

    Theory Unproven is AMAZING and they'd be CRAZY not to take it <3333

    Good luck on the WW2 story.

    and UNF that tag line is perfect :D

    1. Hey, no problem. I scribbled notes for an post today. I'm on a roll :D

      Thanks. I'm really hoping. *crosses fingers*

      At least I've got some of promo ready, no matter how short!

  2. Test, test, can I comment on my 'droid?

    That WW2 story, do I know it or is it another one? Inquiering minds wants to know

    1. Coming in loud and clear.

      That WW2 story, you may know it very well ;)

    2. Yayyyy, I can comment

      Oh well, was hoping for new stuff ;-) good luck

    3. You might not recognise it by the time I'm finished :D

  3. Hi! And that's about all I have to contribute after this work week. :D

    1. Hey you. Any contribution is gratefully recieved :D

      Work still kicking your butt?

  4. Ooh WW2! And good luck with Theory Unproven.

    This is Elin again. It keeps saying I'm anonymous.

  5. Nope, not anon. I see your name. Very strange.

    Submarines :D Thanks, waiting is the hardest part.

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