Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Cleaning out my closet - an update

I hope some of you out there took part in BioB's spring clean event.

I shortlisted ten books that I'd had hanging around from when I first joined the genre. Ten books in a week was probably a little bit optimistic, but it gave me a certain degree of choice. I did try not to think too hard about which book to pick, although I purposely left Dangerous Ground as my last choice because I have the full series now and will be bumping the book up my to read list.

As it happened I didn't get as far as book ten so Dangerous Ground remains unread. However, I cleared five books from my closet of unread books (to be fair I dnf'd one). By far my favourite of the five was Cop Out by KC Burn.

All in all I found the idea of going back to those older books in my stack an interesting one. I got a lot more original fiction read than I would normally get done in a week, even if it was not always as satisfactory in quality as the books I was reading earlier in the year where I cherry picked my titles from 'must reads'. Even the less than satisfactory reads had certain advantages to finally reading them.

Of the remaining five books on the list, as I've said Dangerous Ground will hopefully be bumped on to one of my monthly reading lists, but I will leave it in place and the list in existence since I plan to repeat the whole process in the autumn. Probably October.

I'd be interested to know if any of you managed to clear out some books.


  1. WOW ten books in a week??? O___O Where do you find the time??? I"m lucky now days if I get through TWO books in a week :(((( Too much soccer, etc...

    HA HA i have not even thought about doing this - well I mean I thought about it when you mentioned it and then promptly forgot because of RL stuff /o\ How does this cleaning out your closet work again???

    I just bought Cop Out...even after reading your sounded good.

    What is Dangerous Ground again??


  2. Ten books was a bit of a stretch. I couldn't do it but I did manage five. I've worked out I can rest my Kindle on the handlebars of my exercise bike and read while I'm pedalling!
    I think you'll enjoy Cop Out, I did. I didn't give it a bad review, did I? It's just not as good as other books out there with a similar theme.
    FYI if I've marked a books as read but there is no rating or review, get in touch. I might have private notes which will give you a hint as to what I thought. Generally they are just a jumble of thoughts and not fit for public consumption, but for you I'd share.
    Dangerous Ground is Josh's book I sent you the link to a couple of weeks ago when it was free on ARe. Tell me you picked it up! *slapsforehead*