Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Another day to celebrate

Happy Bisexual Pride Day!

Yes, today is Bisexual Visibility day.

I had just intended to send you guys to a couple of links over to articles at Huffington Post


And I still want you to go there. In fact I'll pause while you pop off to read, especially the second link because that is important to this post.

I said go and read. At least look at the slideshow...

Thanks. On with the post then. Where was I?

I had just intended to send you guys to a couple of links over to articles at Huffington Post but while I was appreciating the fact that Amber Heard was on that last list (and maybe lingering slightly longer on her picture) I realised something. Twenty-three of the twenty-eight celebrities on that list are women. That is 82%. Wow! Is it really more socially acceptable for women to be bisexual than men?

I think the answer to that is obviously yes.

The reason?

I could say that women are stronger in spirit than men, but that is bollocks, gender has nothing to do with strength of spirit and would be underlining gender stereotypes that I don't actually believe in. It could be surmised that when women get to a certain age, rather than reaching for the hair dye and a sports car or motor bike, many women throw their hands up in the air and say Fuck it, this is who I am, suck it up or jog on. Except just as many women reach for the make up, ridiculously high heels, and the nearest 20something greek waiter.

Possibly (hell, probably) the acceptance of female bisexuality has more to do with the 'girl on girl action' fantasies perpetuated by porn* for straight men.

Food for thought?
Meh, it came to me over breakfast (Nutella on crumpets, if anyone is interested) so maybe.
In the meantime, let's just celebrate the diversity of love.

Right, I'm off to ogle that photo of Amber Heard again.

(*Not that I'm blaming porn, far from it, porn only caters to the needs of the people who watch it.)


  1. I think it's absolutely the whole "girl on girl" action thing. It's a male driven society so of course a little girl on girl action is acceptable - even condoned or encouraged. Because you know, lesbians are totally doing it to fulfill men's sexual fantasies *rolls eyes so hard they almost fall out*

    I keep hoping with each person that comes out as gay/bi/poly/whatever that acceptance will grow.

    Thanks for a thought-provoking post :D

    1. Here's hoping. :)

      Two posts in a two days :D What's happened to me?