Monday, 27 July 2015

A dirty story of a dirty man

Bet that got your attention. Unfortunately, it's not that sort of story at all. But considering the message I've come here to tell today that particular phrase seemed appropriate for this title.

So, on to news...

Do you like the feel of paper beneath your fingertips?

Do you love seeing books lined up on your book shelf?

A beautiful cover all shiny and freshly printed.

Did you love Eric and his elephants? Feel for Tyaan? Yearn to hold Theory Unproven in your hands.

Well, now you can.

Theory Unproven is now available in a print edition from Amazon US and Amazon UK.

TU banner photo Banner_zps06918b2c.jpg

If you know why that particular title could be deemed appropriate let me know in comments (wherever you happen to be reading this).

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