Friday, 10 July 2015

Fiction Friday

Hell or High Water series by SE Jakes

As of today I have read and loved the first two books in this series, however I’m reluctant to go any further even though there is obviously more to Prophet and Tom’s story (and I have the books). There are several reasons for this.

The Hell or High Water series seems to be a part of a larger series called Extreme Escapes Ltd and they appear, to some degree, to be interconnected stories. There is some confusion (for me) as to the order these books need to be read in. As far as I can tell I should read Dirty Deeds (the first part of Mal and Cillian’s story) before I continue with HoHW book 3.

“Not a problem” you say, “I’ve looked at your Goodreads shelf and you own this book.”

True, but from the reviews I’ve seen it appears that DD is unresolved at the end and this brings me to the second problem I have with becoming more invested in the EE Ltd series as a whole. It’s incomplete.
Dirty Deeds is a three book series. There are titles and expected release dates for the next two books (which have come and gone).

Hell or High Water is a four (and a half) book series. Book four has yet to appear despite an expected 2015 release date. None of the books are showing on any coming soon pages at Riptide.

I believe that the author has had RL issues and I sympathise. I’m not here demanding that she write the rest of the books, shit happens and situations change, but I do feel that a word from the publishers about the delay would go a long way to easing the frustration of many readers.

I love Tom and Prophet but I can’t put my hand on my heart and encourage people to read this series as things stand. If the overall story arc isn’t overly important to you but you need a solid position on the romance, then the first two books, Catch a Ghost and Long Time Gone, are worth a read. However, if you aren’t happy unless every question has been answered then I’d (reluctantly) suggest that you give this series a miss for now.

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