Friday, 23 October 2015

Fiction Friday - part two

For October my plan, which I'm pleased to say I've been sticking to with very few exceptions, was to pick five of my favourite authors and read as many of their books as I have languishing on my Kindle. And there are many. What am I saving them for? What joys am I doing myself out of?

Why five authors? Because as much as you love an author the writing style can get repetitive when you read nothing but them for the entire month.

Who did I chose for this first month (because three weeks in and I've found this a most rewarding experiment, so I will be doing it again)?

Josh Lanyon
Jo Myles
Jay Northcote
JL Merrow
RJ Scott

Now looking at that list I think you can expect several things; many of these stories will have a very British feel, and there have been a lot of good reads from this bunch of authors. In fact too many for me to do my normal Fiction Friday roundup. So what I'm going to do is list the books that I enjoyed and then next week I'll follow that list up with the five star reads.

Cold Feet by Jay Northcote
Dead Shot by JL Merrow
Alpha, Delta by RJ Scott
Heart Trouble by Josh Lanyon
Camwolf by JL Merrow - Okay I do want to say something about this one. It's much darker than JL Merrow's normal work and from reviews it seems to be a marmite book but it is well worth the read.
Coming Home by Jay Northcote
The Bucket List by RJ Scott
Barging In by Jo Myles (This is one of the first m/m books I bought, I have no idea why I didn't read it then.)
Wizard's Moon by Josh Lanyon - More fantasy than romance
Perfect Day by Josh Lanyon
The Carpenter and the Actor by RJ Scott
The Doctor and the Bad Boy by RJ Scott
Hairy, Horny, and Over Here by JL Merrow - OMG I loved this one so much. Funny.
The Paramedic and the Writer by RJ Scott

I also read Tea and Crumpet, an early UK Meet anthology, because it included stories by a couple of these authors and discovered a whole bunch of authors that I hadn't read before but will happily seek out. It contained some excellent short stories.

I don't know how many more books I'll get around to reading during the rest of this month. I'm currently reading Josh Lanyon's Strange Fortune as the next book in this challenge. From an authors POV I have to proof read New Lease of Life by Friday. Hopefully I should get a few more struck off this list before the end of the month. Then I think I'll make November a random month, and December, as usual, is a holiday reads only month. That means that I'll probably come back to clear out the remaining books by these authors (and anything new they've added) in January. Sounds like a plan. How do you plan your reads?


  1. HA HA plan my reads? LOLLLLLLLLL I tend to scroll through my Kindle app and pull up what strikes my fancy... sometimes I get in a ~mood and read a ton of books of one type...

    1. I like having a plan, even if it's as random as reading the first book on each page of my Kindle! Otherwise I find I've too much to chose from and I can't pick anything!