Friday, 23 October 2015

Fiction Friday

If you remember many weeks ago I was reading the Irregulars anthology. And what a great collection of stories it was. I particularly like the way the stories were interconnected within the same world.
My favourites:
Cherries Worth Getting, by N. Kimberling: An interesting world with two solid leads and a well thought out investigation. Would have loved a longer investigation to stretch out the romance. 4* (The sequel to this story is in the Charmed and Dangerous anthology that I mentioned last Fiction Friday.)

No Life But This, by A. Amara. A much longer story than the previous two. Loved the couple (although the romance most definitely played second fiddle to the plot) and the plot kept me interested and invested. 4.5*

Things Unseen and Deadly, by G. Hale. This took me an age to get into and I honestly thought about putting it down several times in the first chapter or so. I'm glad I carried on reading. The leads were engaging once you worked out what their story was, not true, Jason was engaging from the get-go but Henry took some warming to. And we got an extra helping of Gunther. I ended up really liking this one. 4*

For some reason I had this part of the blog post ready to go and forgot to hit publish! (The scheduled date for this post was 2/10/2015!)

Anyway that was the end of September and I read a couple of other stories worth mentioning before October rolled around.

First Class Package by Jay Northcote - *Free Read* A geeky science writer has a crush on his postman. First thing to note on this is it's a free read, and not just any free read but a freebie by one of my favourite authors. It's set at Christmas, has a geeky writer type, and a plethora of stuffed toys.

Bonus by Liam Grey - Confession time. I've had this waiting on my Kindle for 3 years and it's a Torquere Press short so there is a good chance that this story is no longer available. However if you do have this short story lurking in the dark corners of your reader dust it off and give it some love.  Bitey sex with hidden feels under a rough 'n' ready attitude.

So that's a summary for the end of September's reading. I'm going to split this post in two and deal with my October Plan in the next segment.


  1. UGH I adore Jay Northcote and First Class Package was such a fun read :D

    1. Me too. She's my go to author for a feel good read. I listen to her audio books over and over.