Sunday, 7 December 2014

Announcing a mini blog tour and a chance to win

So When Love Flue In has been out a couple of days and already I've blogged in a few places that were arranged by Totally Bound. (Thanks Holly.) But feeling the need for the familiar I decided to gather (aka pester) some friends and arrange a mini blog tour of my own.

The stops for the tour will be

RJ Scott 
Katherine Halle
Meredith Russell
Elin Gregory
Therese Woodson

Follow each of these posts and at the end of the tour I'll pose a question. It could be taken from any of these five posts. Correct answers will go into a hat (probably an actual hat since I don't know how these random generator jobbies work) and the lucky commenter will win a copy of the ebook.

Announcement over. See you again tomorrow.