Tuesday, 2 December 2014

December and what I hope to achieve

To be fair the answer to that is very little. By its very nature December is a slow writing month for me at the best of times. There is just too much family stuff going on to actually make any plans. But this year has the added chaos that is a new release.

For anyone who hasn’t been to this blog in a while ‘When Love Flue In’ will be released this coming Friday, 5th December. Many blog posts will ensue where I wax lyrical about chimney sweeps or all things Christmas related. I’ll also be giving away a couple of copies at various places, the first of which is currently going on at Stumblingoverchaos.

I fully intend to finish the first draft of New Lease of Life. I know I said this last month but I was struck down by a chest infection that laid me low for a fortnight leaving me with little energy and even less inclination to write. During this period the few words that could be pulled from my brain were utter tosh. I did manage to break the 50K mark though and as far as my vague plotting goes I think I’m only about four scenes from the end. Of course, one of those is the sex scene which will slow me down considerably.

The rest of the month I’m leaving free. I get the feeling that some beta work will be coming my way in the near future (thanks to a little bird called Twitter) and I always make the time to get that back as soon as reasonably possible. I’m almost certainly expecting some edits (more about that in a later post, probably early January) and some cover art discussions/decisions will be required. Maybe I'll get some research done on what could possibly be the main subject of my next story.

As for the rest of my free time (hah!) I intend to do lots of reading. Anyone that saw December’s planned reading post will know I have a huge pile (metaphorically speaking) of holiday themed stories to get through. Hopefully these will provide a sweet, fluffy sugar rush without any of the resulting calories and keep me happy and smiling well into the New Year.


  1. SAME HERE Nov & Dec are SO BUSY /o\ (even tho I did win Nano this year LOL BARELY)

    YAY for When Love Flue In

    OMG you didn't tell me you were sick >:( are you okay now???

    GAH I hear you...sex scenes are HARD (no pun intended) and OMG the editing that will have to be done /o\

    Beta work coming your way???

    And yes, edits..working on them RIGHT NOW :D

    Can't wait to hear how many of your books you finished :D YAY for holiday reads! Let me know the good ones LOL #lazy


    1. I didn't even bother to attempt NaNo this year so YAY for you :)

      Yeah okay now, but my stupid loyalty to my job had me dragging my arse into work everyday and by the time I got home I was too tired to move. And nobody wants to hear me moaning on about not feeling well, not even my bestie.

      Beta work, well I understand someone has a first draft finished on a certain Demon hunter sequel but Thanksgiving might have put paid to it getting any further.

      I'll try and email a list with a couple of my favourites from last year in case you haven't read them. :D