Friday, 28 November 2014

December Planned Reading List

With so many books in my TBR pile I like to get some idea of what I intend to read during the coming month. It doesn’t always work, some books are still floundering unread even though they been on my planned reading list since January.

December is easy, though. December is Christmas and Festive Holiday reading. There are a couple of books on this list that I don’t own yet. Also I have pre-ordered Dreamspinner’s Celebrate package so I shall have all of those individual stories to read too.

This list isn’t the order I intend to read in either.

Sleigh Ride is planned as my first read because I’ve been looking forward to reading that for months.

Are there any Christmas stories that didn't make my list that you would recommend for me to read?


  1. WOW O__O You must have WAY more reading time than I do.... because DAMN that is a LOOONNNG list!!!

    I may have to bookmark this OR wait for you to tell me which ones are really good...

    All the luck bb <3333

    1. LOL. I like to be optimistic in my reading expectations :) To be fair Christmas stories are generally shorter than non festive reads. Sweet bites of fluffy goodness. And I've already bought some more stories to add to this list!
      I'll give you a nod on the best reads ;)