Friday, 21 November 2014

Getting Organised

With the best will in the world I’m not the most organised person. I get by on a method of memory (which is crap btw), a prominent white board (for family stuff), and flying by the seat of my pants. Sometimes it is days before I realise that I haven’t done a blog post on one of my own new releases!

I’ve tried buying myself diaries of all manner and description from the bog standard to a Dodo Pad but I just forget to fill them in or, if I get that far, then I forget to check them every day!

However, with my new resolution to blog more I’m going to have to be on the ball. To that end I’m trying to prepare more posts up front and taking advantage of my blog’s feature to schedule the post in advance, because all the time spent writing posts will be for nothing if I forget to submit or fail to promote them.

I’ve also downloaded some free worksheets to help me keep track of what needs to be done. These can be kept in a file on my laptop and are in a pdf format that can be typed into, so there is no need to print them out unless I really want to. I can access the files whenever I need to without having to search for something physical—that I will have more than likely tidied away, somewhere safe i.e. never to be found again.

The site has a variety of different worksheets available, but I’ve started by making use of the Bog Post Planner & Calendar and the Monthly Action Planner.

I’ve found them particularly helpful with my upcoming release to plan posting dates, organise what needs to be written by when, and identifying deadlines.

I’ve got all the tools at my disposal to be a successful blogger. Except time. TARDIS, anyone?


  1. Whatever works for you! I think that's awesome. Good for you, and I'm thrilled to see you blogging more :D *HUGS*

  2. Good luck! I rely on a system (lol, system, hahahahaha) of notes on post-its and scraps of paper. I've tried other things, but always revert back to this. *sigh*

    1. LOL. I have story notes like that. A system of 'grab the nearest scrap of paper when inspiration strikes & then promptly forget where you put it'!