Friday, 7 November 2014

November plans and a notification

In an endeavour to be more visible I've decided to do a post toward the beginning of the month (yes I know we're already a week in but I only decided to so this two days ago) laying out my objectives for the month.

As many of you know, I'm a snail pace slow writer (made even slower at the moment by the fact that I'm trying to cram Arrow Season 2 before Season 3 gets too far ahead and I get spoiled) so many of these posts will just read

Continue working on *insert working title of current manuscript here*.

Hopefully, I will be able to come up with something more exciting than that on a monthly basis but if not at least you'll know I'm still writing.

So, on to my plans for November.

Continue working on my novella tentatively titled New Lease of Life. It currently stands at 43K, so I think it has passed the realms of novella and is firmly burrowed into novel territory. With at least four more key scenes and a possible epilogue to write I can see that heading up to 70K quite easily which puts finishing the first draft deep into December.

Write at least five blog posts for blog stops to get the word out about When Love Flue In. I have four blogs already agreed for stops, three with dates attached.

Get some reading in.

Contact Chris at Stumbling over Chaos to do a giveaway.

If by a miracle the first draft of NLoL gets finished; start research into Astrochelys yniphora. Sounds impressive, hey?

Next month I'll let you know how I got on :)

Oh, and I nearly forgot the notification.

When Love Flue In is available for early download from today.


  1. Hey, I think that's a good plan! Having goals is always a good thing.

    YAY for a new novel :D I'm loving it just fyi :D

    Did we agree on a date??? I can't remember /o\

    And YAY for early download!!!

    1. Hopefully it will help :)

      Haven't written a word on the novel all week because #blogposts.

      We didn't sort out a date. I have posts lined up for 5 & 6 Dec. Could you do early the following week? 8th or 9th.


  2. Those sound like some great plans--good luck with them!