Monday, 15 December 2014

I got a B - Another review

Another great review for When Love Flue In, this time from The Bookpushers.

Since it's only a mini review I will post the whole of the main body of the review.

"A fun and sexy Christmas novella about a recently divorced lawyer and the man who cleans his chimney every year. We get POVs from both men which I really enjoyed because I found Dominic adorable with his crush and Reagan’s moment when he realized he was the object of it was priceless.

I had a great time with this read. I loved the MCs and the relationship between Reagan his mother was lovely. For a shorter read this packed a wonderful little emotional punch that didn’t rely solely on the incredibly hot sex but included the dialogue and fantasies as well.
Definitely checking out other books by the author.

I’m giving “When Love Flue In” a B"

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