Tuesday, 24 March 2015

February's reads

Following on from my last post I have February's reads.

Series: I finished the Lang Downs series by Ariel Tachna. I only had the one book left to read in this series, Conquer the Flames (Lang Downs #4) - 4 stars.   Revisiting Lang Downs is like wrapping yourself in a warm blanket and meeting up with your favourite people (not that I often wear a blanket for that.) I know what to expect and Ariel Tachna doesn't disappoint. It's been a while since this book was published (2013) so I'm not holding out much hope for a fifth book but I can always read them again :)

Anthology: Brit Boys: On Boys -  4 stars. Of the 8 stories I had: 1 x 5 star, 2 x 4 stars, 4 x 3/3.5 stars and a DNF. It should come as no surprise to anyone that knows me that Locked out was my favourite (and the 5 star read) since it is written by Josephine Myles.

For the rest of my reads this month I tried to finish as many of the Love's Landscapes stories that I had missed when they originally came out as I could. This made for a mixed bag of results, as you can imagine, and I still didn't manage to finish them all.

Read: 24
5 star: none!
4 star: (including the 2 listed above) 7
DNF:  5
And I read one one the oldest books on my TBR - Clouds and Rain (Clouds and Rain #1) by Zahra Owens

4 star

Until Next Time by Xara X Xanakas
Chapter Five and the Axe-Wielding Maniac by Marie Sexton (read in anticipation of sequel)
Apartment 14 and the Devil Next Door by Marie Sexton
She's Got Balls (Handcuffs and Lace, #9) by Mia Watts
Fighting Dirty by Olley White

Phew. That's that all caught up now.

Hope I've given you ideas for a new title or two you fancy reading.


  1. What was the Lang Downs series about? And what have you come to expect from Ariel?

    1. A sheep station in Australia, so it's basically an Aussie cowboy/ranch story. Each story deals with a different couple and how they get together. Some heart tugging, a great cast of characters behind the main pairing (especially as the series goes on, the other pairs aren't just forgotten) lots of HEAs and not too much sex.