Monday, 30 March 2015

I wouldn't normally do this

I came across a 4.5 star review for Theory Unproven on Goodreads the other day. Now, normally I would do a little fist pump and move on. But this review was eloquent, well thought out, and perfectly presented and I pegged the reader as a more than casual reviewer. So after much deliberation I dropped Tina a message and enquired if she reviewed for a particular site so that I could comfortably share her review.

Turns out she doesn't anymore but she did give me permission to share her review with you all and directed me to where the review is stored on Leafmarks.  The full review can be found on Leafmarks but here some of my favourite parts.

"Both characters are just wonderfully elaborated, and they have this freaking hot chemistry, despite all the things popping up to mess with them. Lillian Francis did a wonderful job of conveying the heart and soul of these two guys, and when the heat turns up, it gets damn hot! It’s either slow and romantic, rough and steamy, or smoking hot and passionate."

"Lillian’s writing is powerful, gripping, emotional and captivating, she creates enticing characters and a sexy, emotionally charged story line."

"I lived within the story, I felt the South African heat, smelled the elephants and tasted the dust on my tongue, I laughed, smiled and cursed with the guys. How they managed to overcome their challenges to form a deep and everlasting love and build such a strong relationship touched me deeply."

"Highly recommended for those who share my love for the beautiful African continent... and want a well done, sweet, funny, suspenseful and delicious romance without too much angst."

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  1. BRAVO! WOOO HOOOO Oh bb, this is an AWESOME review! I'm so thrilled for you. I TOLD YOU MONTHS AGO, this book NEEDED to be published and this is why. *HUGS YOU HARD*

    1. Thanks BB, it is a great review.
      You did say that, it's true.
      Thanks for tweeting it :)