Friday, 8 May 2015

Fiction Friday

The last FF post was 21st April. Looks like I've let this slip again. I gave my excuses yesterday, so let's not harp on. I'll get right down to the nitty gritty.

Foxe Tail (Skyler Foxe Mysteries #1) by Haley Walsh

Gay teacher Skyler Foxe thought teaching English Lit was murder. Wait till he falls into the real thing.

Skyler Foxe is a brand new English teacher in his hometown of Redlands, CA. He loves literature, loves his students, loves his friends, especially his best friend Detective Sidney Feldman. But he doesn't love keeping his orientation a secret, afraid of the backlash in this conservative county. But will murder thrust him into unwanted limelight? Who killed his principal's son outside a gay dance club? And what's the connection to James Polk High? Is the macho football coach or his mysterious and gorgeous new assistant coach involved? Can Skyler trust anyone at the high school when there seems to be conspiracies around every corner?

First off this is not a romance, it's a mystery story with a gay lead. It's like a gay Hardy Boys or QAF meets the Famous Five. The romance, such as it is, barely gets started in the last 5% of the book, which btw ends on a TBC. Never fear, nobody is in mortal peril and the main mystery is solved, however a second mystery that has weaved its way into the first has yet to be solved, a minor character is in hospital and there is still something suspicious going on with the love interest.

The Tea Demon by Cornelia Grey -  Clever and well written short story, a touch of steampunk, a pinch of fantasy, and a sprinkling of the Arabian Knights.

All free and worth half hour or so of your time. What more could you ask for?

Sucker-Punch by Sarah Black
Cupid's Beau by Jade Archer
Be a Bad Boy by Lee Brazil
Masochism 101 by Kim Dare
Bear Naked by J.L. Merrow
Just One Kiss by Lisa Worrall
Punch-Drunk Love by Nico Jaye
Man of the Match by Lane Swift
Somebody Nice! by Raine O'Tierney
Metronomy by Suki Fleet
Knickers in a Twist by Ofelia Gränd
Mr. Jaguar by K.A. Merikan

I'm still slogging my way through the Don't Read in the Closet stories, as you can probably tell. The ones above all got 4/5 stars from me. I've no idea how many are left to read but I'm almost certain I won't have them finished before the new ones start being issued.


  1. So that whole list of books is free??? Oh are those from GoodReads? I've never read any of those /o\ Probably shouldn't admit that too loud seeing as how I wrote one this year...I should probably read some....

    1. Yep, all from the mm romance group. There are some great stories to come of these events (some clunkers too), and LOL, yeah I'd keep that quiet I'd I was you.