Thursday, 14 May 2015

Snippet 3

Today's snippet is for Elin Gregory, author and all round good egg, who is always ready with words of encouragement and inspiration. This is for you my friend.

17 lines from the 4th paragraph of p.68 of my WIP, Under the Radar.

Emboldened by Gethin’s last response, Zach knew his next question would push all acceptable boundaries of behaviour, but the laughter had left him feeling light-headed. Reckless, even. He ignored the small voice in his head that told him to mind his own business and ploughed on.

“This Meredith, did she give you a parting gift?” Zach said, adding just the hint of a leer. Gethin’s eyes widened, but they lacked that flash of amusement he’d previously displayed. Regardless, Zach pressed on. “You know? A present for a young hero going off to war?”

Gethin’s expression ran through a myriad of emotions. Shock. Disgust. Disappointment. Slack-jawed, Gethin stared at Zach, his mouth open sufficiently for Zach to glimpse the white of his teeth and a flash of pink. Maybe he’d pushed too far again. It was this sort of behaviour that had previously goaded complete strangers and colleagues alike to take a swing at his well-chiselled jaw line. A quick glance at Gethin’s hands, lax and comfortable in the dense fabric of Zach’s jacket, lead Zach to believe that violence wasn’t Gethin’s intention, to Zach’s relief.

Gethin exhaled sharply and, having gathered his wits, he made his objections. “What? No! If that were the case I would be compelled to return to her.” A sigh escaped from his lips. “I don’t want to go back. Not for longer than a visit to see my Ma and sister.”

The omission of his father from that list registered with Zach but he decided not to push that particular line of questioning any further.

This is an MS that has been hanging about for a while. It's almost completed and I should get my finger out and finish it so that it is submission ready. *adds it to things to do list*

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