Wednesday, 17 June 2015


Earlier this week I mentioned that several things had been taking up my time and unfortunately neither of them were actually writing but they were writing adjacent.

At last year's UK Meet much comment was made about having a brand that readers could associate with you as an author. It's probably the piece of social media/promo based advice that I took from the Meet that I have given the most thought to since that trip to Bristol. And it's true that everybody can probably recognise KJ's magpie or Sue Brown's heart on rain streaked glass or R J Scott's joined hearts.

I particularly like Jay Northcote's rainbow burst which reminds me of a Catherine Wheel (or what you imagine the firework should be, rather than a spurt of flame that does half a rotation and then gets stuck on the fence panel where it burns a charred reminder into the wood).

Anyhow, I toyed with some design ideas, contemplated trying to create something for myself, got some great advice from Garrett Leigh, checked out some design software, decided I don't have time to write let alone learn to use new software, and then went back to Garrett cap in hand.

And this is the result. My new logo. *drum roll please*

 photo LillianFrancis_LOGO_1-01_zpsbnjlwjgq.png

Over the next few days this logo will be replacing my current icons on all social media.

I love the simplicity and the colours.

What do you think?

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