Friday, 19 June 2015

Fiction Friday

Amazingly since my last Fiction Friday post I have read 47 books. Yes, that's right 47.

Okay, to be fair and honest I did DNF a couple of those, although I think it was only three, and most of what I read during the last week of May were quite short. I realised that my Kindle was full of freebie fillers with such titillating titles as Pounding the Tentacled CEO Alpha Billionaire (spanking edition)*  So I decided to waste a week at the end of May only reading free reads. These are generally quite easy to spot from both the title (see above) and the fact that I have rarely heard of the authors. The three DNFs were in this particular week's worth of reading, and for the most part the rest of the stories were smut fest, purple prose, fantasy fulfilling PWPs. However, amongst the instantly forgettable and interchangeable stories I found a couple of gems.

A Haunted Hotel by 

Out of the Rain by Hollis Shiloh - Possibly the sweetest rent boy story I've ever read. No sex.

Flight Risk by L.A. Witt  - No surprise that this one made it onto the list. I love L A Witt's military stories. No sex. Hah! Who am I kidding! Smoking hot.

Of my June reads I've had a bevy of enjoyable stories.

Emerging Magic (Sentinels #2) by Angela Benedetti - Second book in the series. Follows on almost immediately after A Hidden Magic and shows Rory and Paul coping with magic, their new connection, and their fledgling relationship. 

A Ghost of a Chance by Josh Lanyon - More ghost story than romance but, that said, as usual with Josh's work the romance felt solid and believable. Also listened to the audiobook. Another excellent narration and well read. The book loses nothing in its transfer to audio.

Chasing the Rebel by Tyler Flynn - A first read for me from this author. Historical romp. A little too much push and pull combined with internal angsting but the action surrounding the introspection was enjoyable and fun.

Top Me Maybe? by Jay Northcote - Sexy read with plenty of feelings.

Cronin's Key (Cronin's Key #1) by N.R. Walker - Vampires and fated mates. Not normally my thing to be fair. But combining some different vampire traits with a sexy, bewildered, and slightly pissed off cop this book put a smile on my face.

Caught! (The Shamwell Tales #1) by J.L. Merrow - It's no secret that I'm a Jamie Merrow fan girl. Very British. Low angst read with engaging leads and interesting secondary characters. 

Ports of Call by Sean Kennedy - Established couple getting over a traumatic incident. A short and sweet read with just enough tugging on your heartstrings to take this up a notch. I had trouble with head hopping in this one but no other reviews have mentioned it so I wonder if it was just me.

Nothing Serious by Jay Northcote - Jay certainly knows how to write sex with feelings. 

I also had a five star read and a five star audio but since this post is already far too long I'll save them both for next week.

Are any of these books on your favourite shelves? 

*I apologise if I have inadvertently used someone's actual book title, it was not my intention. Of course by tomorrow this exact book may be available for free in the Kindle store.

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  1. HAHA you are not wrong abt the freebies! Most are forgettable and just take up space - those are the ones I archive immediately after finishing. Glad you were able to find some gems :D

    I'll have to check out Flight Risk - that was a freebie? She's a really good writer, I've liked everything by her that I've read (altho I haven't read EVERYTHING - I just pick and choose LOL)

    LOVED Top Me, Maybe! I don't think I've read Nothing Serious, so I'll have to check that out as well!

    I need to read more of N.R. Walker's Red Dirt Heart series... /o\ *sigh* so many books, so little time.