Monday, 15 June 2015

Just a quick note

to apologise for not being around for a couple of weeks. I've fallen down a black hole but hopefully a couple of posts in the next few weeks will explain my absence.

Also, I have several recommended reads (and audios) for you which I'll try to post on Friday as normal.

In the meantime I will leave you with another graphic which can attest to more wasted time on picmonkey.

 photo TU Scatteredthoughtsandrougewords review quotes_zpsnscmv1vw.jpg


  1. OOoh VERY COOL!!!

    And why won't you be around???? HMMMMM?????

    1. I, like you my dear friend, have been sadly lacking in the posting department. I haven't even done a Fiction Friday for nearly a month. RL commitments and those authorly bits and pieces (that you have already had a glimpse of) have kept me too busy to consider putting any brain power into blog posts.
      Plus I have hols coming up :)

    2. Also, have you tried playing on picmonkey?