Friday, 13 May 2016

Fiction Friday

It's been a while since I've done one of these so I had to go back and see where I'd got to. in my recommendations. When I finished the ABC challenge I said I'd be going on to author's attending the UK Meet this year.

I started with a UK Meet author but not one I needed to read for the challenge as I have read plenty of her previous work. But I've been waiting for this story since I read A Twist and Two Balls and the rest of the series.
Double Scoop by Clare London. - Finally Lee and Patrick's story. But it still takes a little help from there friends to get their heads out of their arses. Stubborn boys!

I followed that up with a couple of Jane Davitt freebies from AO3. Couched as a Question and The Patient Professor were both formerly short stories published by Torquere and now out of print and made available for free by the author.

Another freebie was It Happened in Vegas. An anthology from five of the authors attending the Romantic Times convention in Vegas. My favourite story in the bunch was Super Juicy by BA Tortuga and Julia Talbot but I'll attach my GR review here because I had a mini rant about the last story in the book which you can chose to read or ignore. I'll leave it up to you.

I'll wrap up for this post before it gets too long with two thoroughly engaging reads.

The High King's Golden Tongue by Megan Derr. It appears gay fantasy is fast become one of my genres of the year. Another smashing addition in the genre as you would expect from Ms Derr. Low in sex, but full of passion, plot and interesting side characters. Damn if I don't have to wait until July for the sequel.

And look away now if fanfiction isn't your thing because I'm gonna rec you one.

The Gemini Affair by manic_intent. Man from UNCLE. The film not the TV show. Slow burn. Carries on from where the film left off. I devoured this fic. Loved it.

I'll catch up with the rest of my current reads next Friday when hopefully I can bring myself right back up to date.


  1. Ooh what an interesting idea! To post free work up on AO3....INTERESTING....I wonder....

    Bummer abt the anthology, but that is a risk when constricted by a limited amount of words :((

    I need to read more Clare London...

    HA HA fanfic...I read a REALLY GREAT Bucky/Sam one the other day...and a really great Sterek one as well...

    1. Yeah, I thought of you when I saw that.

      That last story was shaping up to be sooo good, and then it jumped forward. Grrr!

      Yes, you do :)

      Me too, I wish I could remember the title. It was about Bucky & Steve exchanging texts even though they didn't know each other.

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