Wednesday, 4 May 2016


I've been fairly quiet on the blogging front.

I blame campnano.

I've worked out that when I put myself under the pressure of aiming for a monthly target and attempting to get words down every day, then other things have to suffer.  Unfortunately the first thing that goes is the blogging.

I try not to feel guilty about this. I know I can't reasonably do everything that I want to. But trying to switch off that guilty worry that you're not doing enough is harder than you’d think. Everywhere you look people are telling you that the only way to sell your book is to get out there and sell yourself on social media. Hah! I’ll happily tell you all about other authors’ books that I've enjoyed but I'm no good at selling myself. My own trumpet remains well and truly puffless.

But I digress. Campnano took place in April and I aspired to write 40k of Smudge’s story. Considering I’m lucky to hit 20k in a month this was a huge task that I set myself. I’m really chuffed that by the 30th of April I was 6 words shy of 32K and well over 75% of my target. And Smudge’s story (the sequel to Resonance’s sequel--confused yet?) now has all its scenes, in varying degrees of completion. Unfortunately they were also written out of order so I now have to fill in the blanks and jiggle everything into its rightful place in the story and hope that the continuity works. I'm thinking another month to tidy this story up and ready to go to the betas.

I should have some news on Resistance, the sequel to Resonance and the continuation of Rick and Mal's story, later on this month.

In the meantime I need to work out when I last posted a Fiction Friday post and what I've read since then (I warn you one of my recs will be fan fiction!).


  1. You gotta let the guilt go. Take it from someone who's had to step back almost completely from social media and who has written in MONTHS, you can't beat yourself up or you'll never get anything done.

    That aside...OMG GOOD FOR YOU! On what you accomplished! That's awesome :D

    Can't wait for your news on Resistance!


    1. I know. And I you are a bloody inspiration *hugs you hard*