Friday, 15 January 2016

Fiction Friday

Yep, this is going to take some doing, I've just looked back and my last Fiction Friday was put up on 6th November. Two months worth of reading!

So, first up, I kinda stalled on 'Loving Luki Vasquez'. When I put this down at the end of November I left it with this status update: "I'm reading this a scene or so at a time. It's a beautifully written story but I'm struggling with how much time and reference Luki gives to smoking and how he almost implies Sonny makes him smoke more! But that aside it is a gorgeous read." I have picked it up again in the last view days but I'm still finding it easier to dip in and out of rather than reading in one go.

What else did I read in November that I might have actually finished?

Played!  by J.L. Merrow. This is Book 2 in The Shamwell Tales. I found this adorable. And yes, Book 3 is due out next week. Yes! *scurries off to pre-order*
I'm back...

Double Up (Lake Lovelace #1) by Vanessa North. This was my first Vanessa North book but it definitely won't be my last. The first half was full of well written sex and certain I knew what I was getting I strapped myself in for the ride. Then, bam, she hit me with the feels.

Boys Who Go Bump in the Night (Mad About the Brit Boys #2) by J.L. Merrow & Josephine Myles. A collection of shorts with a paranormal theme. They have all been published before but I have only read one of them. A varied collection and, if you love these authors, you'll enjoy dipping into this book. You may need tissues for one story in particular.

Then it was back to Bluewater Bay for book 3 of the series, Hell on Wheels by Z.A. Maxfield. Nash is an adorable character, what more can I say.

Rough Road (Lake Lovelace, #2) by Vanessa North. Back to Lake Lovelace for Eddie turn to get what's coming to him (and doesn't he love it). Great to catch up with the boys from Double up, as well.

I did read one more book that I loved in November but I just finished reading the entire series so I think I'll save that for a post of its own.

So that is November finished. And as a 'series' based month I did pretty well. I caught up with a couple of series, and moved on in a few more. On next to December which were all holiday/Christmas based stories.

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