Friday, 29 January 2016

Fiction Friday

If you hang around here for more than a couple of Fiction Friday posts you'll know that I like a plan for my reading. I don't always stick to it but I do like to have something to guide the way. Generally I set a different plan each month just to shake it up a bit.

My initial plan for January was to have another 'series' month whereby I try to finish a series to the end. I also decided that since I have a Kindle full of free reads I would try and read some of those as well. 

I started the 'series' reads quite well, completing the remainder of the 'With a Kick' series (Books 2 - 5) in the space of a week. I blogged about these here.

Then I started Victor J Banis' Tom and Stanley series, reading Deadly Nightshade and Deadly Wrong. If you're looking for Romance with that capital R I'd move right along, but if you don't mind a lead with issues and baggage and who hasn't got everything sorted by the end of the book then I'm happy to recommend these. Word to the wise Deadly Nightshade doesn't even have a HFN, in fact the ending is very downbeat as far as the relationship goes, so be prepared to buy the second book straight away.

I also read Secrets and Charmed & Secrets and Bow Ties by Lou Harper. (Books 2 & 3 in a 4 book series.) Both four star reads for me all the way. In fact Bow Ties actually gave me that 'scared in the pit of your stomach' feeling. I had intended to start on the next book in Lou Harper's series and then this happened.

Yep, Amber Quill Press announced they'd be shutting their doors for good at the end of March. Panic gripped me. I have many books by Amber Quill Press on my Kindle in that never decreasing TBR pile. What if a book had a sequel that I hadn't bought and it goes out of print never to return?

Change of reading plan.

Now reading nothing but Amber Quill books from my TBR pile... I will report on this change of plan in the coming weeks since it will certainly stretch into February.

Wait, I hear you cry, what about the freebies that you read?

Yes, exactly, what about them. Read: 12. DNF'd: 5 (although one was based on content rather than quality. Too macabre.) Of the 12, I deleted 9 off my Kindle immediately. 4 were MPREG (but only half were deleted). 3 were installment/serial fiction (2 were deleted). 4 actually had a half way decent plot, but of these, 1 was installment, 1 was horror and therefore not my thing (and deleted), and 2 needed massive content edits for plot holes and relationship development.
Sometimes these freebies will throw up a diamond in the rough or hidden treasure, not so this time.

This post has grown longer than I intended.

Next Fiction Friday post will all about Amber!

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