Wednesday, 19 August 2015

11 books, 11 days

No this is not a post about my reading plan for the foreseeable future (although it probably could be).

Sale banner photo Lillian LLB promo_zpsscztqt3h.png

It's the summer sale at Love Lane Books.

11 books, 11 days, all at $2.99.

And Theory Unproven is in amongst the books being offered. That is almost half the regular price. So if you were ever thinking of picking up a copy, now is the time to do it.

Prices will be going down at Amazon, ARe, and other third party sites.

Here's the link to the masterpost over at Love Lane Books where you can find out about the other ten books involved in the sale and the buy links.

Also each author will be blogging on the subject of summer/heat. In mine Eric muses over the things that he misses about England. I'll post a link here when mine goes live.

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