Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Review for Lovers Entwined

A lovely review for Lovers Entwined over at Sue Browns Stories.

"Definitely a 5 star book. I adored Lovers Entwined and read it in one session. Normally I'm wary of the dream sequences but Lillian handled them skilfully and led us into their entwined lives down the generations. As the book progressed I wanted to kick Trey as he dangled on the hook of his relationship but that was handled so well. Lillian didn't make his fiancée the 'villain', so much as a woman whose focus has changed. Trey and Ewan's relationship is gloriously spiky and sweet at the same time. Well worth reading."

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  1. Too many posts :((( I can't keep up. But this was a lovely review!!!1

  2. LOL. There were 10. I actually lost track posting half of them.

    Read them at your leisure :)