Thursday, 13 August 2015

Theory Unproven - Eric gets an email

Eric frowned at the screen of the ancient desktop computer, partially surprised that he actually had an internet signal but mostly because the most recent message in his inbox, dated yesterday, was from Tyaan. And it had an attachment.

Eager to know what information Tyaan thought was important enough to email him, and knowing the signal wasn't likely to be there for long, Eric opened the message.

Howzit Eric

Did you know today is World Elephant Day? Lavish your charges with even more care and affection than you would normally (if that's possible).
I'll have a treat for them next time I make a supply drop.

See you a week Tuesday


Tyaan was sending him random stuff from the internet. He might as well of said 'I saw this and thought of you'. Tyaan was thinking of him! With a grin he couldn't stifle Eric clicked the link to the attachment.

Here Come the Elephants!
Happy World Elephant Day!
Posted by Nat Geo Wild on Wednesday, 12 August 2015


  1. UGH this was ADORABLE!!!! And that video!! OMG I can totally see Tyaan sending that to him.


    1. Thanks :) Yesterday really was World Elephant Day.

      Keep your eyes peeled, there'll be another little snippet from Eric later on this month.