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When Love Flue In

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A soot-haired chimney sweep, an exploding flue and an uncooked turkey. It’s an unholy trinity that may make all of Dominic’s Christmas wishes come true.
Dominic is celebrating his first Christmas since his divorce, and although he’s spending it on his own, he’s determined to have a traditional Christmas morning, including a roaring fire. Unfortunately, Dominic’s chimney is blocked, which is why Reagan, a soot-haired chimney sweep, is head and shoulders up Dominic’s flue. Dominic is just lucky the man had a cancellation on Christmas Eve.
Unable to take his eyes off Reagan’s low-slung jeans and enticing arse while Reagan sets about the hearth with rods and brushes, Dominic knows five years is a long time to be obsessed with the man who sweeps his chimney every Christmas. This year there’s nothing to stop Dominic from acting on his desires—except his own insecurities.
An exploding flue provides the opportunity for more than just polite conversation and could be the catalyst for a perfect Christmas. But Dominic will need to stop hiding who he really is before a special sweep can light a fire in his heart.
Publisher's Note: This book was previously released by another publisher. It has been revised and re-edited for release with Totally Bound Publishing.

Release date: 5 December 2014

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Reviews for When Love Flue In
Nautical Star Books - 4 stars
"When Love Flue In had me smiling about half way through the book.  I always know I am going to love a story when it actually makes me FEEL something!"
"I loved the details that the author provided and the wonderful character development."
"Reagan’s mom is just awesome"
"If you are looking for a short and sweet romance to get you in the Christmas spirit, When Love Flue In is a great choice!  There is a sweet and gentle buildup to Dominic and Reagan’s relationship and when they finally give in to temptation, the heat is phenomenal.  After years of longing glances and private fantasies, they finally get what they have wanted for so very long!"

Sexy Erotic Xciting Reviews - 'Sexy and Sizzling' 4 handcuffs.

"Lillian Francis’ When Love Flue In was a lovely tale built on not only mutual attraction but mutual affection."

"Ms. Francis allowed for character development and led us in a journey of self-discovery and sensuality."

"When Love Flue In should be added to any collection of gentle lovers and Christmas cheer. This short read will not disappoint."

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The Bookpushers - I’m giving “When Love Flue In” a B

"I had a great time with this read."

"For a shorter read this packed a wonderful little emotional punch that didn’t rely solely on the incredibly hot sex but included the dialogue and fantasies as well."

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YAY! A five star review for When Love Flue In, this review from Sinfully Sexy Books. 

"A true Christmas fairy tale."

"Reagan and Dominic are as sweet as Christmas fruit pies."

"Dominic's first time is funny, romantic, threaded with caring and so wonderfully hot."

"You have to read this one for Christmas. It will genuinely warm your heart."

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A Four Heart review from Boy Meets Boy Reviews. I got a double review, so I had to please two reviewers not one.

"Holy jingle balls, talk about some well written sexual tension."

" of the sweetest/hottest first time scenes that I've read"

"It made my heart grow three sizes."

"Pretty much everything you need for a wonderful Christmas story"

"It made me gooey inside and left me sighing happily at the end. A really lovely little read."

The whole review can be found here.