Thursday, 31 March 2016

New title help required

Thanks to the comments on the previous title post I now have a new bunch of suggestions for that title.

New title poll

Two more reviews for New Lease of Life

A 3.5 star review from My Fiction Nook.

"I liked this book. I liked the story, and I liked the plot. The setting in England was well done, and the writing followed the setting, with Colby being a bit rougher around the edges than Phillip. I enjoyed the snark and sarcasm, and Phillip's dry humor.

Definitely worth checking out."

Full review here

And a 3 heart review from Love Bytes Reviews

"Once I warmed to Pip’s character this was a very enjoyable read. I recommend it to lovers of the MM romance genre, who like stories that focus more on angst and relationship development than sex."

Although she does say about the sex "Around the 87% we finally get some heat. And in the words of the characters, it was downright ‘filthy’."

Full review here.

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Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Title help

As I mentioned the other day I need some help with a title for a historical Pony Express story. I have several suggestions, and ran a similar poll on my Facebook author page, Lillian's Lovefest.

So my question to you is...

Which title would have you one clicking

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

A review for New Lease of Life

This one from Joyful Jay.

"What I liked best about this story was that it was a slow burn romance with a lot of angst, mainly in the form of miscommunication and misunderstandings. I also liked that the two characters didn’t immediately jump into a physical relationship. In fact, readers don’t begin to see any heat until almost the end of the book. Therefore, instead of sexy scenes, readers are treated to a an extended period of getting to know each other before things heat up…and heat up they do!"

"If you are a fan of a good hurt-comfort storyline, one with a lot of angst and short on sexy scenes, you are going to love this book."

3.75 stars

Read the rest of the review here.

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Wednesday, 23 March 2016

One, two, three

Yep, not one but three 4 star reviews from Inked Rainbow Reads.

"The two of them together – watching Pip come out of his shell and Colby learn to respect Pip, but do so in a way that also pushed his boundaries was great to read.

Both were given a new lease on life and it was a sweet, not a lot of drama story." - Avidreader

"Colby comes into his life like a rainbow after a storm." - Cookie.
LOL Love this description of Colby. So much the way I wrote him. (LF)

"I liked this couple together and was hoping for more of them.
 Maybe a part 2? I want Pip to meet Colby’s family. I want both their worlds to mesh and see how they handle it. It felt like book one was a set up for a book 2, or maybe that’s my wishful thinking." - Cookie

"I really liked the way this author wrote this characters and this story! You get some angst with this book but you also get so much sweet too!" - Kira

See the reviews in full here.

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Monday, 21 March 2016

I think I'm doing things backwards

So, I've been coveting a gorgeous cover that Garrett Leigh made for the longest time. The Heart of a Cowboy. I wanted that cover so badly but I had no story for it. Then Garrett had a sale on her pre-made covers and yes, my cover (what, it was mine regardless that I didn't own it. It owned me!) was in that collection for sale. No! Someone would buy it for sure!
Yes, we know how this story goes. I bought the cover, story or not I couldn't stand the thought of another story coming out with my cover. racking my brains I remembered a long forgotten historical western that I'd written about a pony express rider and the ranch owner who loves him. It's old and rough and needs lots of work (did I even know about POV back then? Head hopping, like, woah!).

However as much as I love the title Garrett gave the cover I don't think it will suit this story. I'd like the focus to the title to be the Pony Express rider, but what if the story doesn't pan out and I'm left a book cover that I can't use.

The working title for the story is The Mail Must Go Through. This is the Pony Express motto. PE riders were called Messengers.

Can anyone help me with a title?

Friday, 18 March 2016

Friday Fiction

If been doing an alphabet challenge and I'm not quite finished yet (up to S for those who are interested). But I have broken away from that a couple of times. One of those times was because Lethe Press have a massive ebook sale on.

"What's that got to do with anything?"

I've had Death by Silver on my Kindle forever and not got around to reading it. Knowing I could pick up the sequel for $1.50, well, that pushed this book right up my TBR pile. And what a joy that read was.


His practice newly established, metaphysician Ned Mathey can’t afford to turn away any clients. But the latest Londoner to seek Ned’s magical aid gives him pause: Mr Edgar Nevett, an arrogant banker, is the father of the bully who made Ned’s life hell at boarding school. Nevertheless, Ned accepts the commission to ensure the Nevett family silver bears no ancient or modern curses, and then prepares to banish the Nevett family to unpleasant memory again. Until Edgar Nevett is killed by an enchanted silver candlestick—one of the pieces Ned declared magically harmless.

Calling on his old school friend Julian Lynes—private detective and another victim of the younger Nevett—Ned races to solve the murder, clear the stain on his professional reputation, and lay to rest the ghosts of his past.

Assisted by Ned’s able secretary Miss Frost, who has unexpected metaphysical skills of her own, Ned and Julian explore London’s criminal underworld and sodomitical demimonde, uncover secrets and scandals, confront the unexpected murderer and the mysteries of their own relationship.

If you like KJ Charles and Jordan L Hawk, you'll love this book. The world building is strong and the characters are engaging even when they are being clueless and gruff. The sex is pretty much all off the page and in my opinion the romance could have been a touch more pronounced, and relied less on miscommunication, but that said I really couldn't fault the mystery or the setting.

The story swept me along and I was urging our heroes into each others arms. I hit buy on the sequel long before I finished the last page.

Thursday, 17 March 2016

St Patrick's Day

In honour of St Patrick's Day I've had Barmbrack for breakfast (try saying that after a couple of pints of Guinness). It's a fruit bread, similar in flavour to a Hot Cross Bun.

A couple of things happening today. 

Yes, ARe are having a blast with 25% off selected titles. Lovers Entwined is one of the books you can get at a reduced price for today only.

And I'm participating over at Diverse Reader's Luck of the Irish giveaway.

From the promo. 
"Each author will be sharing something St. Patty's day related. We have recipes, art, poems, limericks, and of course giveaways! It's a lot of fun! Here are the authors for this terrific giveaway: Kenzie CadeAvon Gale,Raissa PhoenixLE FranksMickie AshlingBenMonopoliKate McMurrayLillian FrancisJ.r. Gray,Sloan ParkerKelly JensenBronwyn HeeleyLane HayesChris McHartJoe CosentinoFelice StevensS.c. Wynne Helena StoneN.r. Walker and Carroll S Poe!!!! So be sure to check out my blog on St. Patrick's Day and see if you truly have the Luck of the Irish!!!"

Okay. That's the announcements for today. I'll raise a pint of Guinness to St Paddy later tonight. 
To the Irish saint that apparently hailed from Wales.

Monday, 7 March 2016

What d’you mean, it’s March?

Sorry guys, I know I have been sorely lacking in keeping this blog up to date since the start of the year. March is probably too late to be expounding on my good intentions and New Year’s resolutions—although, too be fair I don’t do NY resolutions because I feel you are only setting yourself up to fail—especially as one of my good intentions was to blog more regularly. *has déjà vu moment from 2015/14/13*

An update post is probably a good idea though.

I’m ashamed to say that New Lease of Life arrived in this world on 25th December with very little in the way of fanfare. I pushed it here and had a spot on the Dreamspinner blog a couple of days after release, but apart from that I did no blog tour or promo. In spite of that, New Lease of Life spent several weeks in the Dreamspinner Best Seller list and has garnered some favourable reviews. Some of which I still need to post here. Dreamspinner have a 25% off across the board sale until tomorrow so you could pick NLOL up at a reduced price until then.

RL has been somewhat hectic and of course the first thing to suffer is my writing in whatever form, but I am attempting to put pen to paper in some form at least a couple of times a week.

The sequel to Resonance (currently free at Are), tentatively titled ‘Resistance’, has been thoroughly betaed and I’ve just put the finishing touches to the third and, hopefully, final draft. It’s a sweet, low angst story looking at how Rick and Mal cope with life after their cutemeet. I'm currently looking for some pre-readers including some from Sussex. In the next few weeks I need to make a decision about whether to send it out to publishers, of which there are fewer by the day, or if I can justify the cost of self-publishing with my limited fanbase.

Next up in the pipeline is a story dealing with Smudge, another resident of Slopy Bottom. He plays quite a pivotal role in Resistance and demanded his own HEA. In fact there are a slew of characters in Slopy Bottom that want to tell you their stories so I may have to spend some time there. I have signed up for Camp NaNoWriMo in April and plan to use this focus to work on Smudge’s story. More on that later this month.

At some point this year I need to organise getting Lesson Learned re-released. Ellora’s Cave returned the rights to me in December and I intend to self-publish this novel with very little changes (apart from swapping back to the UK English it was written in). It’s been a long time since I’ve read this book and l’m looking forward to revisiting Drew and Nathan. I’ve been trawling the premade covers over at Meredith Russell and Garrett Leigh’s cover art sites in case anything strikes me as suitable but I’m yet to find anything. I should check out Lou Harper and some other cover artists, I suppose. Any suggestions? Failing that it looks like I’ll be subjecting one of my go-to cover artists to my own form of torture. Ask Meredith what I mean, she’ll be happy to enlighten you.

Also planned for this year: reworking of my WW2 submarine story, Under the Radar.  I’ve been working on this on and off for years. Maybe 2016 will be the year I finally get it finished and submitted.

And I’ve had several questions about writing a sequel to Theory Unproven. Hopefully I’ll be able to start something later this year. Although whether it will be set at the elephant reserve with Eric and Tyaan—Andrew really needs his story told—or back in England with Benedict and his (unrequited?) love for his boss, or maybe even in some other part of the world where animals are in danger, I couldn’t rightly say just yet.

Are there any stories that you want to see from me?

Friday, 4 March 2016

Fiction Friday - All About Amber

At the beginning of this year it was announced that Amber Quill Press were closing their doors by the end of March 2016. And in my last Fiction Friday post (which I'm ashamed to say was a month ago--RL has been kicking my arse and I've not had much writing or blogging time at all in February) I said that I would be reading nothing but Amber books for the foreseeable future. I quickly realised that while I have a fair few AQP books in my TBR pile I also have many that are on my wishlist. What would happen to these books once Amber closed?

To find out I put together a Facebook page called 'Where will all the Amber books go?' and invited as many of the Amber m/m authors that I could get in touch with. Not all of them replied. Some I don't think are writing any longer. But there are a good handful who have dropped a post about their plans for the future and what will be happening with their titles. I'm hoping they will post more information there as it becomes available.

On to my reads.

Aquarius: He Said, He Said (Boys of the Zodiac #11) by Jamie Craig - Loved this. A believable romance with realistically written kids. Gorgeous. 4 stars.

My Only Home (My Only Home #1) by Pepper Espinoza. My notes on this story says 'way too many blowjobs'!

Pisces: From Behind That Locked Door (Boys of the Zodiac #12) by Pepper Espinoza. I enjoyed this story about a guy with a poor body image. 4 stars.

Libra: Outlined In Ink (Boys of the Zodiac #7) by Vivien Dean. I was genuinely anxious for the guys at times. The author does a good job of rachetting up the tension and moving the relationship on in a believable way at the same time. 4 stars.

Fool For Love by Cassandra Gold. May to December romance. Sweet with low angst.

Catch Me If I Fall by Riley Knox. There is a story before the start of this book that I would have loved to read. A story of longing glances and awkward behaviour caused by Avery's nerves around his hot 'straight' neighbour. Instead we get the revelation, the date, and the sex. I wanted the both parts of this story, not just the end.

Canines, Crosshairs And Corpses (Brandywine Investigations #1) by Angel Martinez. Excellent book. So much fun. An easy 5 stars. Bought all the sequels.

The Elf and Shoemaker by M.L. Rhodes. Fantasy romance.

Cowboys And Kilts by Erin O'Quinn. 5 stars for the romance. A believable instalove romance with just enough of a helping hand from destiny to make that instant bond plausible. 3 stars for the greater mystery in the story. I was expecting more from it. A great revelation, not an ancient Pict dating app. (Edited my review to remind authors that'anus' has no place in romance. The word, not the body part.) 4 stars in total.

Lime Gelatin and Other Monsters (Offbeat Crimes #1) by Angel Martinez.  An interesting idea but I'd have liked a longer story with more relationship development. Bought the sequel.

Netting Neptune (Southern Cross Resort #1) by K.C. Kendricks. Sweet, slightly melancholy story about believing. In yourself, in others, in love. 4 stars.

Car Wash (Car Wash #1) by Shawn Lane. Down on his luck car washer meets old crush who previously rejected him. Add in creepy boss and also a best friend who ties it in with another Shawn Lane series.

A Valet's Duty by H. Lewis-Foster.  Oh if only this book had been longer. I wanted the delicious UST that only forbidden love in an historical can bring. I had little problem with the words on the page but I wanted more. I wanted more scenes leading up to Rafe's request. I needed to see how they interacted between each bout in the bedroom.  A mere morsel when I wanted a three course meal.

Healer (The Institute #1) by Cassandra Gold. The institute in question is a safe place for 'talented' individuals. Tristan is a healer and Cam is a shapeshifter. Great read. 4 stars.

Heart To Hart (The Gaslight Mysteries #1) by Erin O'Quinn. A couple of issues. The bad guy might as well have had a sign posted above their head it was so obvious who it was from the very beginning. There is a lot of sex in this book and some of the early encounters feel a tad dub con. Sometimes Michael's accent can get a little hard to read all of the time. But none of these things were enough to put me off buying the next three books. Engaging and entertain read. 4 stars.

Kissing Sherlock Holmes by T.D. McKinney & Terry Wylis. I enjoyed this even though I guessed the perpetrator of the crime long before the halfway point of the book. Low/no on page sex scenes. I've read some reviews that say the voice of Watson was caught quite well, while others have said it was amiss. It's been too long since I have read ACD to form an opinion. 4 stars.

Not an AQP book but I read it because I wanted to know what the author was like:

Scandal Fever by Hunter Raines. Tropes. Flirty twink. Check. Closeted cop. Check. Enforced living together. Check. Okay so the mystery was pretty flimsy but I wasn't reading for that. All in all an enjoyable read for me. 4 stars.

That's the AQP books I've read so far. Don't forget some of these books may disappear forever.

Now I just need to decide what I want to buy before Amber close forever.