Thursday, 17 March 2016

St Patrick's Day

In honour of St Patrick's Day I've had Barmbrack for breakfast (try saying that after a couple of pints of Guinness). It's a fruit bread, similar in flavour to a Hot Cross Bun.

A couple of things happening today. 

Yes, ARe are having a blast with 25% off selected titles. Lovers Entwined is one of the books you can get at a reduced price for today only.

And I'm participating over at Diverse Reader's Luck of the Irish giveaway.

From the promo. 
"Each author will be sharing something St. Patty's day related. We have recipes, art, poems, limericks, and of course giveaways! It's a lot of fun! Here are the authors for this terrific giveaway: Kenzie CadeAvon Gale,Raissa PhoenixLE FranksMickie AshlingBenMonopoliKate McMurrayLillian FrancisJ.r. Gray,Sloan ParkerKelly JensenBronwyn HeeleyLane HayesChris McHartJoe CosentinoFelice StevensS.c. Wynne Helena StoneN.r. Walker and Carroll S Poe!!!! So be sure to check out my blog on St. Patrick's Day and see if you truly have the Luck of the Irish!!!"

Okay. That's the announcements for today. I'll raise a pint of Guinness to St Paddy later tonight. 
To the Irish saint that apparently hailed from Wales.

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