Thursday, 30 October 2014

Site wide sale

From today through to Sunday 2nd November JMS Books have a site wide sale. All ebooks will be 35% off. Take this opportunity to grab stories by some of my favourite authors: J L MerrowClare London, Liam Livings. Or the UK Meet anthologies.

Of course while you're there you could pick up my short story Waiting for a Spark.

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Talking of Waiting for a Spark, I found a great review here at MM Good Book Reviews. I know certain author's would find a 3.5 heart rating an insult but it's all about the content of the review for me. Several points made me smile especially the first line of the review.

This review could be summed up with the following three words. Sigh, Smile, Happy! 

 That is how I want my readers to feel when they finish one of my stories.

Another line made me preen, because--and my crit partners will back me up here--I struggle to write a short story and keep it short.

This is a short story that illustrates with textbook accuracy exactly how a short story should be written.

The rest of the review goes on to point out exactly what I'd done right. Preen? I was giddy with delight.

How I have never stumbled on this review before (it was written just after the book's release in Sept 2013) I don't know, but I'm pleased to have found it now.

Friday, 24 October 2014

When Love Flue In

You may remember earlier in the year I announced that When Love Flue In had found a new home at Totally Bound. It had seemed months away at the time but now Christmas is coming up fast and the first of the important dates are upon us.

From today When Love Flue In is available to preorder over at the Totally Bound website and it will be available for early download from 7th November.

Sexy Snax, indeed.

Time for a cover reveal.

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