Thursday, 3 January 2013

Late as usual - A WIP snippet

Since I offered up a snippet weeks ago and then failed to deliver, by way of apology, here is the whole of page 40 from Theory Unproven.

The story is currently with my critique partners and if you want any further information see my last post 'The Next Big Thing'.

On to the story. FYI this is page no. 40 of 248 & first draft.

“Your letter,” Tyaan said, holding it out.
There was the faintest brush of fingertips over the back of his hand as the letter was taken from his unresisting grip, but the guilt-tinged elation he expected to feel was overshadowed by the look of unbridled happiness on Eric’s face. The writer of the letter obviously meant a great deal to Eric, and Tyaan stamped down on a sharp pang in his diaphragm that he adamantly refused to acknowledge as jealousy.
“It’s from my gran.” Eric’s exclamation was joyful as he studied the smeared postmark that was inked across the stamp.
His gran. The whipcord of tension that had pulled across Tyaan’s shoulders eased.
Slipping the letter into the folder with his paperwork, Eric tapped the requisition form. “I’ve got an extra box. I don’t think it’s mine. No label.”
His boot knocked against a wooden crate on the bottom of the pile, The Foundation’s supply label conspicuous by its absence.
Tyaan scuffed his foot in the dirt and watched as dust coated the toe of his boot. “That one’s from me. For the elephants.” Tyaan glanced up quickly before returning his gaze to the ground. The glimpse he’d gotten of Eric was enough to realise the zoologist was watching him with undisguised curiosity. “It’s only windfall fruit from the garden.”
“Oh. Ta. Look…”
And Tyaan did, raising his head even though it probably wasn’t an instruction, to be greeted by another tentative smile.
“…do you want some lunch? It’s about that time.”
“I can’t. Normal service resumes,” Tyaan said reluctantly, raising his clipboard. “Full day’s deliveries today. I’ll be lucky to be finished before dark.”
The smile stayed fixed in place but Eric’s blue eyes lost some of their shine and the crinkles in the delicate skin which surrounded them smoothed out.
“Sure.” Eric picked up a box from the top of one of the piles and turned away to place it in the back of the jeep.
“Honestly, I’d like to but—”
“Yeah, you’re busy. I got it.”

Hope you all enjoyed the snippet.

Here's wishing you all the best for 2013.