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Resonance -- Village Love 0.5

Cover designed by Garrett Leigh
The Book

Resonance: The quality in a sound. The power to evoke enduring emotions. Sometimes one can result in the other.
Rick Brandt would never have said he was claustrophobic; after all he’s been in plenty of enclosed spaces in his job as the village’s only handyman cum gardener.  He even squeezed into a disused coal chute to rescue a trapped dog for an elderly resident. So why did opening his eyes in the MRI scanner induce a breath stealing freak-out that has him jabbing at the panic button.

Luckily, Mal, the radiographer running his scan has a pleasant voice and an excellent bedside manner that soothes Rick’s frayed nerves and rabbity heartbeat. Soon the resonance of his tone has gone beyond calming and Rick is lost in a fantasy of the man behind the voice. But things aren’t always what they seem and when Rick’s shocked surprise at the reality causes offence, the likelihood of him getting to experience Mal’s true bedside manner appears to be slipping away.

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From amazon uk
5.0 out of 5 stars sexy and sweet9 Nov. 2015
This review is from: Resonance (Kindle Edition)

This was sexy and sweet, a lovely example of how Ms Francis draws her characters so vividly, in shorter as well as longer books. Written from Rick’s point of view, it showcases his believably masculine character, often lusty but immediately sympathetic.
Mal the radiographer is nervous in front of a new lover but confident enough to make the first move. How refreshing to have the town/country divide in their background and nationalities, not just in the scenery LOL.
There was much more to enjoy than just a very sexy love scene. And one of the best and boldest opening scenes I’ve read for a long time.

5.0 out of 5 stars Wonderful28 Oct. 2015
This review is from: Resonance (Kindle Edition)
I loved this story. It actually took me a little by surprise that I became so invested in the characters so quickly, but as always, Lillian's writing style drew me in and hooked me. Combining the sensual scenes and the 'two worlds colliding' it made for a wonderful story. I really hope this is just the beginning for Rick and Mal.

From ARe

Submitted By: arieslady52 on Feb 25, 2016
A little jewel of a book. A tale of falling in love told with sweetness, compassion, and hope. More sensual than sexual, laced through with exquisite descriptive detail and gentle good humor. That the characters involved are gay and male diminishes none of the appeal; this story will resonate with anyone who has taken the risk of falling in love. This is now on my "Re-read" list.


“I cancelled an appointment with the vicar’s wife for this.” I gasped out as a tongue traced the outstretched dragon’s wing that crested my shoulder and wrapped around my bicep. “I’m officially going to hell…” That wicked tongue caught the edge of my armpit on the way back and in my surprise I inhaled a mouthful of quilt cover. “In a hand basket.”
Warm breath ghosted over my flesh and my skin broke out in a rash of goosebumps.
“If my Ammi knew I was picking men up at work she’d be mortified.” Pausing in his ministrations, he rested his forehead at the base of my neck and sighed. “Or vindicated. Always a disappointment.”
I thought of his body. Of him. Long legs with muscled thighs. Dark hair that flopped endearingly over his forehead. His laugh, sudden and surprising from his studious demeanour. The encouraging comfort of his voice. The gentle focused way he was taking me apart with just his mouth and the lightest touch of his fingertips.
“Not to me, Mal. Not to me.”
Exhaled into my skin on a damp breath I could barely make out his response but I think he mumbled “So glad you freaked out today”, before returning his attention to my artwork and his lips to the body of my dragon.
Something thick and heavy still lingered in the air along with the smell of sweat and spices and sex.
In an attempt to lighten the mood, I said, “You know, when I said I fancied an Indian it was only innocent flirting. I thought you’d take me out to dinner.”
His lips caught a ticklish spot on my side and I squirmed.
“Homemade is better. And, I don’t know about the quaint old village where you come from, but around here it’s frowned upon to do this in a restaurant while our dinner’s cooking.” Amusement was back in his voice, which had been my intention. “Now shh while I find out where that tail goes.”
His mouth ghosted over the small of my back, pausing to tongue at my dimples. I wriggled, rubbing my rock hard cock against the welcome friction of the mattress. It felt as though he’d been teasing me for hours but in reality we’d only met for the first time…

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