Monday, 17 October 2016

Who’s next in Slopy Bottom?

With Rick and Mal’s story told (at least for now) many of the reviewers have expressed an interest in finding out about other inhabitants of the village.

Who are the most likely candidates to get their story told?

Smudge: Owner of the print shop. With his tats, multi-coloured fauxhawk, and gauges Smudge stands out in the village quite unlike anybody else. Does his image and devil may care attitude mask a desire to find ‘the one’?

Adam: Purveyor of fine coffee and snacks. Adam came to the village with a babe in arms and no wife. That was 15 years ago and he’s still alone. It hasn’t always been that way; he’s had a lover in the village. Not that their relationship was common knowledge, thankfully, since it blew up in their faces. A younger, career-minded lover and a kid in primary school, while trying to establish his own was never going to work. Broken promises had upset Benjy more than Adam. No, they’d had their chance and now they suited friends better than lovers. A couple more years of Benjy being his sole focus while his boy finished school and then maybe Adam would have time to find someone of his own. But you can never tell when cupid’s arrow will strike.

Raleigh: Church organist. When the vicar and his wife he arrived in Slopy Bottom several years ago they brought the curly haired, angelic organist with them. The only openly gay character in the village at the start of Resistance, he is beloved by both the young and the elderly of the village. But is his heart as guarded as his past?

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