Friday, 17 February 2017

Reading plan - February

The title doesn't lie this is my reading plan for February.

To finish:
Jack of Thorns by Amelia Faulkner
Astounding by Kim Fielding

Focus reads:
Duty to the crown by Rebecca Cohen (followed by Forever Hold his Peace)
Hexmaker by Jordan L Hawk

Books by Rebecca Cohen
Books by Jordan L Hawk
Books beginning with D
Books beginning with H

Loving Hector by John Inman

Blueswater Bay:
The Deep of the Sound by Amy Lane
When to Hold them by GB Gordon
Rain Shadow by LA Witt

Next in series:
Stormin Norman by Sue Brown (Bk 4 & finish)
He's Behind You by Rebecca Cohen (Bk 3 & finish)
Threshold by Jordon L Hawk (Bk 2)
Us by Sarina Bowen (Bk 2 & finish)
Kiss the Rain by Megan Derr (Bk 2)

Optimistic I think, especially since at the time of writing Samhain have just announced they are closing at the end of the month and under my new purchasing restrictions (in a pointless attempt to control my TBR pile) there are at least 4 books that need to be read before I commit to buy the sequels and only two week to do that in. And I have a book to beta by the 24th, which obviously isn't on this list.

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