Friday, 12 January 2018

Fiction Friday

First post of 2018, and first off can I say Happy New Year to anyone that is still out there reading this blog. At some point before the end of the month I plan to do a what's coming up this year style post, where I'll let you know of my writing plans but for now let's take a look at what I've been reading.

The Case of the Arms Dealers (Kanaan & Tilney, #1) by Jenna Rose & Katey Hawthorne - First off this is a LooseId title. As you probably know LooseId is closing its doors in May 2018, what will happen to those books will be down to the individual authors. I'm hoping this writing partnership republishes these and continue to write more stories. As for this book, excellent writing and world-building combined with two engaging MCs (I adored Lowell) make this a mystery well worth reading. I've already bought the sequel.

The Fortune Hunter by Bonnie Dee - Self-published. Well written early 20th century historical set between the wars. Enemies to lovers, broken characters, morally questionable characters with a heart of gold. All of my favourite tropes. This is a gorgeous book, with both humour and heart rending moments. There were times when I wondered how the author would pull off a HEA for these two, but she gives us a perfect one.

Bank Robber's Baby by Rachel Kane - Self published. Available in KU. This is book #4 in The Boys of Oceanside series (but can be read as a standalone) and it is by far my favourite of the bunch. I enjoyed the first three, but I absolutely adored this book. Remember what I said about morally ambiguous characters with a heart of gold being one of my favourite tropes, oh yes, that trope was made for Travis. I think he's my favourite inhabitant of Oceanside ever.

In Case of Emergency by Keira Andrews - Self published. Available in KU. It's a Christmas story, but it's only January and it I want to rec you a seasonal story I will. This is a sweet Christmas story of a good deed that turns into something more, a damaged man who's been hiding his pain, and in passing it touches on societal expectations with regard to sex, gender, and sexuality. There's also a douchey almost boyfriend, snow, a Christmas tree, and Star Wars. Lovely slow burn romance. 

Stolen Magic (World Breaker Beginnings #2) by N.R. Hairston - Self published. I picked this up in one of those Instafreebie giveaways over Christmas, along with about 50 other books. These books normally linger on my laptop forever before I decide to read them but for some reason (probably my new empty Kindle) I opened this one straight away, without consulting the blurb, series number or cover. If I'd done any of those things I probably wouldn't have read it at all. But this has an interesting idea, the concept that people in this world have powers and that Chaz's power is actually stealing power from other people to use their abilities. However, in the moments when they weren't using their powers this read like a regular romance. As I understand it Clink, the non-POV MC, had previously found his HEA(!?) in another book. I have to agree with some of the other reviewers. Had I read that book first, I wouldn't have been happy going into this one, and I doubt I would have enjoyed it as much. That said, this book can easily be read as a standalone. 

Why I Hate Men: The A to Z misadventures of gay dating by Joe Phillips - Self published. Available in KU. Done in the format of a children's ABC book, this amusing volume contains all the charm you get in Joe's Joeboy characters but in a black and white line drawing style. I'm contemplating picking this up in paperback. 

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