Friday, 13 April 2018

Fiction Friday got lost along the way

Love the colours in this cover

It's been a while since I published a Fiction Friday post. To be fair RL and day job have both been hectic.

As you may have noticed audiobooks now have their own space in my Listen with Lillian posts, so they won't appear here anymore.

Right let's crack on with the recs. 

How to Raise an Honest Rabbit (Granby Knitting, #2) & Knitter in His Natural Habitat (Granby Knitting, #3) by Amy Lane - I really liked these two books. Jeremy's story in Rabbit was heartbreaking at times and the scope of his journey stretched from before the first book to during and then after. In Knitter, I liked that Stanley (a secondary character in the first book) got his HEA, and that we got a lot of interaction with previous characters, however I do think that it diluted Stanley and Johnny's relationship.

Set in Stone (Cray's Quarry #2) by Rachel Kane - Available in KU. This is more than a coming out story, and how different people deal with the revelation that their sexuality may not be what they've always thought. Karl carried this book for me. He was opinionated but somewhat adorable.

Cover ImageMyths, Moons, and Mayhem: Paranormal Gay Ménage and Erotic Romance by Dale Cameron Lowry - Anthology. This is a great collection of MMM stories in a variety of paranormal style. I enjoyed most of the stories but my favourites were Inside Man by Clare London (ghost) and The Cave by Dale Cameron Lowry (magic).

The Pride by Joe Glass - Issues 1-6. Fab Man collects together LGBTQ superheroes to make his own superhero team, The Pride. I loved it, the message, the representation not only for LGBTQ issues, but also HIV positivity. The issues were drawn by loads of different artists, which meant there were plenty of styles, some that I liked more than others.

I also read The Pride Adventures which is a several issues of short stories staring the characters from The Pride but they aren't a connected story arc like The Pride. Because of the nature of the issues there is a disconnect between the stories but there were some stories in this collection that I really enjoyed.

I've made no secret of the fact that I funded the recent kickstarter for the next issue of The Pride. And I can't wait to receive it in the post in the coming months.

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