Friday, 25 March 2022

Read around the Rainbow - My (dream) Writing Shack

I'm a member of Read around the Rainbow, a rag tag collection of authors who are part of or who write about all letters of the LGBTQ+ rainbow. Each month we'll be posing a question or subject up for discussion. As this is the first post, this month's topic is an easy one: Our ideal writing shack.  

For me this answer has two parts. First there’s the shack itself. Then there’s the shack’s location. 

The Shack

Beach hut in style. I'm talking British seaside beach hut, although probably more Sandbanks (very expensive and exclusive beachfront location in Dorset) than Margate (think Kiss me Quick hats, candy floss, and coach parties of tourists scoffing fish and chips and puking on the Mary Rose). Plenty of wood with the outside painted a pleasing pastel colour scheme in blue or green. Lots of sanded weathered beech on the inside. Bi-folding doors to let in lots of natural light and open up the cabin to the outside. 

Inside I’d need:

A desk to write at. 

A small kitchen area with facilities for hot drinks, a fridge stocked with health snacks and salads (*cough* chocolate *cough*), and a cold water tap (no need for hot water or a sink, I’ve no plans to do any washing up). 

A bookcase full of non-fiction for research purposes and a large cosy chair to curl up in and research/read. 

Pull down ladder leads up to a mezzanine floor with a thick comfy bedroll perfect for napping and star-gazing/cloud watching through the skylight. (Did I forget to mention the skylight? Oops, my bad.)

Then maybe a hanging egg chair out the front and a hot tub off to the side, because I need to soothe those sore writers’ muscles somehow and my own personal masseur seems a bit of an extravagance. 

The Location

For anyone who has read my bio this should come as no surprise. 

My ideal location for my writing shack would be on the coast. Ideally with steps leading down to the beach and sea but elevated so I get the full benefit of the view. 

Last year I went on holiday to Hayle on the northern coast of Cornwall. I'd love my writing shack to be up on the dunes there. 


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  1. I'm partial to a coastal location too although suspect the sand would get into the laptop... ;)

  2. British seaside beach huts are so cute!

    1. Small but perfectly formed. And it helps that you can hear the waves. 🌊🌊

  3. I'm joining your "one day we want our own beach hut" club.... xx

  4. They have lovely beach huts on the front at Lyme Regis, I'd love to have one. They really are tiny though!

  5. Lovely! Those beach shacks are so cute! And the sounds of the coast would be a perfect backdrop for writing. ❤️

  6. Sounds lovely! The sounds of the waves would be the perfect background noise.